Blossoming craftsmanship

For more than four centuries, Phú Vinh village has been the epicentre of crafts in Hà Nội. Here you’ll find traditional woven bamboo and rattan products created by expert artisans. Their skills have evolved from making essential daily items to extraordinary innovations.
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Gifts for flood victims and poor people

The donation would go toward six families of flood victims, six disabled sportspersons with good results in the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, equipment for a school board in Nam Giang district of Quảng Nam Province, and scholarships for two poor students at Duy Tân Đà Nẵng University.
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Keep the tradition alive

Ngũ Xã bronze casting village was one of the four quintessential professions in the imperial capital of Thăng Long (now Hà Nội). Artisans here are working tirelessly every day to preserve the tradition.
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Vietnamese chefs win at Asia-Pacific Travel Forum

Thomas Gugler, President of the World Chef Association, meticulously evaluated the CATRION ‘Jet Setters Palette’ chefs challenge, featuring participants from diverse Asian countries, including Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Việt Nam. Culinary experts spanned various fields, including Aviation, Hotels & Resorts, and Restaurants.
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A fascinating transformation

Hàng Đậu Water Tower is a timeless iconic structure in Hà Nội. Thanks to the creativity of artists, visitors now have the chance to explore the fascinating transformation it has undergone. The vibrant exhibitions that brings history to life is open until the end of December.
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Tuồng plays enter schools

Two new plays of tuồng (classical drama), a traditional genre of Vietnamese theatre which began a hundred years ago, will be staged at secondary schools in HCM City.
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Yên Thế’s free-range chicken puts Bắc Giang on national culinary map

Nguyễn Thành Trung from the northern province of Quảng Ninh said he has travelled to nearly all of Việt Nam’s provinces and cities. As a foodie, he always tries to find a specialty dish at each location. Recently, he visited Bắc Giang and Yên Thế chicken completely won his interest. For him the free-range chicken is most tasty when boiled, done to a turn.