National soul through paintings

The craft of Đông Hồ folk painting is a genre of Vietnamese woodcuts originating from the 17th century in Đông Hồ village, Thuận Thành district in the northern province of Bắc Ninh. Experiencing many ups and downs, the tradition now has been kept alive by the artisans from the village and well-received by domestic and international art lovers.
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Three Vietnamese dishes among TasteAtlas world’s top 100 salads

Phở trộn is a classic Vietnamese phở variety, securing the 30th spot. This type of phở is dry, meaning that it doesn't contain broth – instead, it's a salad with meat (beef or chicken) and noodles, according to TasteAtlas, elaborating that the dish is typical of Hà Nội and especially popular during summer.
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Singing her way to theatrical triumph

Renowned for her enchanting musical performances, Âu Bảo Ngân, woos audiences with her vocal talents and unique stage presence. Recently, she was awarded the Fulbright Master scholarship from the US government. Ngân aspires to use her future musical performances to beautifully depict Việt Nam’s rich cultural heritage and its people, both at home and on the global stage.
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Four seasons photo book combines nature, beauty and culture

Elle Việt Nam Creative Director Dzũng Yoko has launched his latest photo book, Xuân, Hạ, Thu, Đông (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) curating images from his four years of travel to 11 cities and provinces. He will debut the book at a talk, exhibition and fashion show from May 25 to 27 at Space 13, 13th Floor Diamon Plaza in HCM City.
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Bridge gets a new look

An art installation has been set up on a pedestrian crossing bridge over Trần Nhật Duật Street in downtown Hà Nội. The bridge has been decorated as an aquarium with paintings of waves on the staircase and walls plus various sea animals made of recycled materials on the roof. The ‘aquarium’ looks even better at night with its sparkling lights.