A captivating Hà Giang

Immerse yourself in Hà Giang's vibrant culture through engaging activities and exhibitions. Tourists have the opportunity to experience first-hand the unique characteristics of each ethnic group in this land.
Life & Style

Remembering Uncle Hồ

The late President Hồ Chí Minh of Việt Nam is a world-renowned historic figure who made significant contributions to his country's independence. His legacy continues to impact many aspects of life in Việt Nam today. On his birthday, we took to the streets to ask people what he means to them.
Life & Style

Japanese artists bring laughter to Vietnamese audiences

Local audiences for the first time have seen the Japanese ancient comedy art called Kyogen performed by father and son artists Ogasawara Tadashi and Ogasawara Hiroaki. The art uses very few props and is understood through the artists’ facial expressions and gestures. The shows aim to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.
Life & Style

Taste of Europe

People in the capital city experienced an adventure to Europe right in the middle of downtown Hanoi at an event hosted by the EU Commission and EU member embassies. European culture and lifestyle can be seen through exhibitions, art performances, sports games and cuisine. Both locals and foreigners had real fun.