Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 89: Noodles with duck

Duck meat is popular all over the world. In Việt Nam not only you can enjoy the delicious grilled-duck dish, but also try it with noodles. The grilled-duck is tender and perfectly mixed with the tasty dipping sauce. What are you waiting for? It would be a waste if you are in Hà Nội and don’t try this dish.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 88: Fried tofu sandwich

Here’s a sandwich like no other. Instead of bread, tofu is used to create the snack. This relatively new dish is taking HCM City by storm. And with a wide choice of fillings it’s a must try for anyone looking for a tasty treat. VNS


Nom, nom, Việt Nam - Episode 77: Bamboo shoots and squid soup

Bát Tràng Village is not only famous for its ceramic products but also its unique cuisine. The bamboo shoots and squid soup is one of their finest dishes. Many Vietnamese diners have fallen in love with this traditional dish thanks to the sweet taste of the squid and bamboo shoots.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 72: Grilled pig's leg with noodles

Shrimp paste maybe smelly to many, but when it is mixed with galangal and pig’s legs, it can create a rich flavoured dish. The tenderness of the meat and crispy skin have made many Vietnamese fall in love with grilled pig’s leg with noodles, especially in cold weather.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 70: Duck's tongue

If you are feeling a little peckish when enjoying a cold beer, maybe you need to nibble on a duck’s tongue! Deep fried, duck’s tongues are a specialty in Vietnam, but taste best while sipping a cold one.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 69: Fresh spring rolls

To those looking for a healthier alternative to fried spring rolls, fresh spring rolls is the dish for you! You can feel the freshness of shrimp, pork and vegetable with every bite! The rich hoisen peanut sauce just makes the dish all the tastier.