Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 69: Fresh spring rolls

To those looking for a healthier alternative to fried spring rolls, fresh spring rolls is the dish for you! You can feel the freshness of shrimp, pork and vegetable with every bite! The rich hoisen peanut sauce just makes the dish all the tastier.

Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 68: Fried insects

It may look like a bushtucker trial on I'm A Celebrity, but don't knock creepy crawly food until you've tried it. In Vietnam they are popular snacks to nibble while enjoying a beer. Are you a fan? Or too scared to try?


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 67: Sizzling beef

The best way to fry up beef is to make sure that pan is smoking hot… but be warned, when the steak sizzles it also spits! Bo ne translates in English as ‘dodging beef’ but really it’s the fat you need to avoid when cooking up this treat. Thankfully the chefs in HCM City are experts and make sure nothing gets burnt!


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 62: Mountain snail salad

If you happen to be in Mai Châu during the rainy season, mountain snail salad is a dish you shouldn’t miss. After the rain, people go into the forest to catch snails. Snails are then mixed with crunchy papaya, herbs and chili spice, which can definitely awaken your taste buds.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 60: Water fern cake

Bánh bèo is one of the most famous rice cake dishes in Hue, well loved for its soft, slightly chewy texture and its flavourful topping of shredded shrimp and pork crackling. It used to be served to royalty long ago, but now bánh bèo is certainly a treat that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 59: Fish rice noodles

You can find bun ca in every corner of Hanoi because of its tasty combination of fried fish, rice noodles and broth. Each restaurant has its own secret to make their dish more special. So why don't you try it to see for yourself how nice it is.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 58: Grilled chicken feet

You have probably eaten chicken drumsticks or hotwings but what about chicken feet? They may sound unappetising, but grilled chicken feet is a popular snack found in many restaurants and vendors in Vietnam. Many adults can be found chilling with friends outdoor in the evening, nibbling on chicken feet and drinking a cold beer.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 56: Jiaozi dumpling

Sui cao (jiaozi dumpling) is a beloved Chinese dish in Vietnam that can be served fried, boiled with noodles or served with oyster sauce. A small neighbourhood in D11 is well-known for its abundance of sui cao restaurants.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 52: Black baguette

Have you ever seen a baguette this black before? Inspired by a memory of a bread specially made for coal miners in the past, one group in Quảng Ninh has created a special bánh mì with its colour as black as coal. Watch the video to learn more about it.


Nom, Nom Vietnam - Episode 51: Offal stew

Although it may not be to everybody's taste, offal stew is a popular dish in HCM City due to its affordability, taste and creaminess. It can be eaten with bread and instant noodles. Are you a fan?