Primary pupils join a training to learn water and environment protection

The activities are designed as “classrooms in the forest” to raise the awareness of youth and children about the important role of forests, the close relationship between forests and water sources, and forest protection issues, which will contribute to land preservation and the protection of groundwater sources, as well as foster environment-friendly living habits.

Việt Nam elected as Vice Chair of UNESCO's key committee

Becoming the Vice Chair of one of the key specialised committees of the UNESCO affirms Việt Nam's position and reputation in the world arena, showing the support and confidence of the international community in Việt Nam's ability to make contributions and management capacity at the UNESCO

HCM City legislature passes major socio-economic resolutions

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, the city has set ambitious socio-economic targets for 2024, including economic growth of 7.5-8 per cent, increasing tourism revenues and attracting a larger number of international visitors and upgrading the information technology infrastructure.

Hà Nội to prepare sufficient goods for Tết

To ensure the supply of goods for the people during 2024 New Year and Tết Holiday, the Hà Nội department of Industry and Trade has been actively co-ordinating with relevant departments, branches and localities to launch market stabilisation programmes, thereby building a plan to meet Tết demand.