Tour the 500-year-old pottery village in Hội An

With just three weeks to go before the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday, the Thanh Hà craft Village in Quảng Nam Province’s Hội An Town is busy making sets of clay buffaloes, in the hope that the zodiac sign of the 2021 Lunar New Year will bring about a year of prosperity and luck.
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Hà Nội crafts ambitious plan to ease traffic stranglehold

Khuất Việt Hùng, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of Traffic Safety, has been cycling to work for the past seven years. As someone who deals with the country’s traffic problems, he feels the need to set an example through his modest efforts to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in Hà Nội.

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Workers lack motivation to increase productivity

In the past two decades, labour productivity in Việt Nam grew at 4.3 per cent on average, the highest increase among ASEAN countries, according to the ILO. However, in comparison with ASEAN states, Việt Nam’s aggregate labour productivity is still near the bottom.

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Off to a good start, but start-up education falls short

The start-up frenzy started in Việt Nam around two years ago when the Government began calling for more investment in the start-up community and demonstrated their political will by a series of pragmatic actions. The biggest move was the approval of the scheme titled “Supporting the National Innovation Startup Ecosystem by 2025”, else known as the Project 844, last year of which some estimated of VNĐ2 trillion (US$88.8 million) would be poured into around 2,000 high-tech start-ups.

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Fire fighting formula: better safe than sorry

Hundreds of people are running out a building, screaming in terror. Several have their mouths covered with piece of cloth. Ear-splitting sirens blare as large red trucks speed through the streets to where a thick, ominous cloud of smoke billows. Even watchers are shouting and screaming. A deadly fire has struck again.

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Ticking water time bombs in hydropower plants?

A tunnel break in the Sông Bung 2 hydroelectric power plant in the central province of Quảng Nam released nearly 30 million cubic metres of water that rushed to thousands of villagers living downstream, klling two, and caused at least VNĐ5 billion of losses. The latest incident raised alarms about whether the hydropower plants in Việt Nam meet safety requirements, especially when the Sông Bung 2 had already passed the highest examination bars 

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Việt Nam’s network security at high risk

The hacking of the Việt Nam Airlines website at the Hà Nội and HCM City airports has signaled Việt Nam’s possible vulnerability to malware attacks.

Việt Nam News spoke to experts from a cyber security company, a company operating in the field of open source and a network security expert about the matter.

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War veterans who turned disability into ability

July 27 is National War Martyrs and Invalids Day, providing an opportunity to thank the millions of people who sacrificed their youth and even their lives for the nation. Việt Nam News reporters Thu Trang and Khánh Dương talked to four heros who overcome their disabilities to run businesses and make positive contributions to society in the post-war period.

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Tests interesting but challenging: IBO 2016

The ongoing 27th International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2016) in Hà Nội draws 264 students and 238 teachers from 71 countries and territories, which is reportedly the highest number of participants in the Olympiad so far. This is the first time Việt Nam has hosted a biology competition. On the occasion, some students and teachers share with Việt Nam News reporter Nguyễn Khánh Chi all about love for the science, IBO and the country that all of them are visiting for the first time.

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Are the country’s ambulance services sick?

A clip documenting the refusal of security guards to allow an ambulance transporting a dying baby to leave the Hà Nội Paediatrics Hospital early this month has generated public anger. Health workers and patients shared with Việt Nam News their opinions about health service issues, particularly relating to emergency medical aid.