Discovering enchanting Phiêng Phàng Village in Việt Nam's northern highlands

June 21, 2024 - 08:26
This charming village retains the rustic allure and vibrant cultural identity of the Red Dao people, set against a backdrop of wild natural splendour.
Tourists can look at Nếp Tài rice fields while looking at the sea of ​​clouds. — Photo

Lâm Giang

Perched halfway up the majestic Pù Lầu Peak in the stunning Phja Bjoóc mountain range, Phiêng Phàng Village in Yến Dương Commune, Ba Bể District, Bắc Kạn Province offers a breathtaking vista overlooking vast, captivating terraced fields that have become a truly enchanting destination for intrepid travellers.

This charming village retains the rustic allure and vibrant cultural identity of the Red Dao people, set against a backdrop of wild natural splendour. It presents a tantalising opportunity for those seeking an immersive experiential and community-based tourism experience.

To reach this hidden gem, follow provincial road 258 from Bắc Kạn City to the serene Ba Bể Lake. At Yến Dương Market, take the turnoff to Phiêng Phàng, traversing a steep 7km road that gradually unveils the village's captivating beauty.

As you ascend, the morning mist parts to reveal a picturesque village nestled amid awe-inspiring landscapes and a refreshing, cool highland climate. The winding road is adorned with endless terraced fields and babbling streams, evoking the enchanting features of this mountainous region.

Upon arrival, you'll be warmly welcomed by the friendly local Dao people. Indulge in a fragrant cup of locally-produced wine and immerse yourself in the vibrant traditional songs and dances that celebrate the community's rich cultural heritage.

Pù Lầu ivory bamboo forest attracts many tourists. — Photo

Phiêng Phàng's 42 households are all Dao, having settled this land centuries ago. Explore the organic Nếp Tài rice fields, where the undulating, terraced landscape is punctuated by intriguing natural rock formations, creating a photographer's paradise.

During the harvest season in late November and early December, visitors can experience the joy of hand-harvesting rice and making delectable grilled rice cakes, as well as savouring the mouthwatering Dao cuisine crafted from the local sticky rice.

Beyond the village, the expansive Pù Lầu ivory bamboo forest and the majestic Pù Lầu Waterfall offer endless opportunities for adventure and natural wonder. Pù Lầu ivory bamboo forest has tens of thousands of green bamboo trees stretching straight up to the sky. It offers many extremely beautiful 'check-in' corners for tourists. Meanwhile Pù Lầu Waterfall, nearly 100 metres high, has waters flowing down from the top of the mountain like a strip of white silk draped over rocks covered with green moss. At the foot of the waterfall, which is about 30sq.m wide, visitors can freely splash around in the cool water.

Phiêng Phàng Village seen from above. — Photo

Visitors can also discover the local's thriving salmon and sturgeon farms, where they can enjoy freshly prepared dishes and sample the local produce.

Immerse yourself in the fresh, invigorating air, sipping on corn wine while taking in the breathtaking vistas of mountains, forests and fields, accompanied by the soothing sounds of birdsong – an experience that will leave you with lasting, unforgettable memories.

In addition to the stunning natural landscapes, don't miss the chance to savour the unique culinary delights of the region, such as smoked pork, smoked sausage, wormwood leaf cake, and plum jam. These specialties will undoubtedly elevate your journey and make it truly complete.

Phiêng Phàng Village, still wild and untamed, holds immense potential as a captivating destination for those seeking an authentic, immersive encounter with the rich cultural tapestry and stunning natural beauty of Việt Nam's northern highlands.

The village's secretary, Triệu Thị Mản, says, community tourism is steadily developing, improving local livelihoods while preserving traditional cultural values. With continued support, Phiêng Phàng is poised to unveil even more alluring tourism products to enchant visitors in the years to come. VNS

Tourists enjoy traditional cakes of Phiêng Phàng people. — Photo