Fantasy literature struggles to find readers

Seeing the vast potential for sales that promise many opportunities for fantasy writing talent to develop, some young writers have moved into the field and had initial success, but more efforts are needed to attract more readers.
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Young writer finds motivation creating children's stories

Nguyễn Chí Ngoan recently established a name for himself when he won the Cricket Aspiration Awards 2020 with Rồi Nắng Cũng Lẻ Loi , a collection of short tales about children from Việt Nam's southwestern area who have physical flaws and have had a difficult life.

Đắk Lắk: a real treat for nature lovers

Đắk Lắk, a beautiful province located in the Central Highlands, welcomes tourists with its rich landscapes and natural resources that make it a bucket-list destination for any nature lover.
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Photographer inspired by celebrated songwriter

Lâm Hạnh, a reporter at Thể Thao & Văn Hóa (Sports & Culture) newspaper, interviews photographer Dương Minh Long about his exhibition on celebrated late songwriter Trịnh Công Sơn, which ended earlier this month in HCM City. Long met Sơn in the 1990s and captured him in photos over 11 years before the latter's death on April 1, 2001.

Hà Nhì folk art preserved for future generations

Ka Lăng Commune in Mường Tè District in the northern mountain province of Lai Châu has established a folk singing and dancing club, collecting and restoring tunes of folk songs and dance figures, and organising classes to teach them to locals, particularly the young.

Embroidering in a royal tradition

Đông Cứu Village lies on the bank of the Nhuệ Giang River in Hà Nội’s suburban Thường Tín District, and has been long famed for its traditional embroidery.

For a greener, cleaner Hội An

Despite being a small city and hard hit by climate change, Hội An is famed nationally and internationally as a tourist attraction. Rapid urbanisation and socio-economic development are putting the city under environmental pressure, risking damage to the natural ecosystem.