Poet desires to conquer new creative peaks

After recovering from illness, journalist-poet Hồng Thanh Quang plans to hold a special night of poetry and music 'Vẫn nguyên là nỗi khát (Still Desire) on September 4 at the Hanoi Opera House. Through poetry and music, he wants to spread an inspiration in life. He talks with Ngô Minh.

Maths master rocks out in Hà Nội

Võ Đức Anh teaches mathematics at The Olympia School, but by night he’ll be belting out songs at the iconic Hanoi Rock City, a venue he co-founded in 2010.

Meditation and yoga eco-tour helps ease COVID woes

Spending eight years decorating a 5,000sq.m shrimp farm in Cẩm Thanh nipa palm forest in Hội An, local resident Võ Bá Quốc has turned it into a meditation, vegetarian and yoga retreat forming a tranquil eco-village to calm the mind, body and spirit.

Ethnic community gives farming a face-lift

A community of 41 ethnic groups in Quảng Sơn Commune has been building high-valued farms with exportable crops at Dano Farm – the first ‘green’ agro-forestry co-operative of a multi-ethnic community.
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Cultural strength creates national pride

Professor of Science Vũ Minh Giang attracts attention every time he chairs a major conference at home and abroad, attracting viewers with his erudition. He is chairman of the Specialty Council of the Center for Asian Studies and has just visited Seoul in the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring cooperation between Việt Nam and South Korea to new heights. Vi Thùy Linh talks with him.

Hot TikTokers bridge ethnic cultures

Several Tiktokers from the mountainous areas of Việt Nam have attracted an increasing number of followers with short videos featuring their daily lives and unique ethnic cultures.

Putting the 'wow' in the 'bao'

Bao Wow is nestled at the bottom of Đặng Thai Mai Street in Tây Hồ. The restaurant has an intimate feel despite the industrial decor, with exposed metalwork and purple neon lighting (“I Licked It So It’s Mine”) juxtaposed with plants and dark wooden tables.
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Getting the direction of history right

Seven years after his TV series Đường Lên Điện Biên (Road to Điện Biên), director Bùi Tuấn Dũng is back in action with the 10-episode work Bình Minh Phía Trước (Dawn ahead) about late Party General Secretary Nguyễn Văn Cừ. The series was screened on VTV1 every weekday from July 6 to celebrate the revolutionary's 110th birthday.