Lecturer regains ancestral home on nostalgia trip

Born and grew up in Bao Vinh township – an 18th century wharf just 8km east of Huế City – Phan Nữ Phước Hồng, 45, a college lecturer, revived her childhood memories by buying the house that had sheltered her three-generation family for 62 years.

Female scientist advocate for gender equality

Dr Lê Thái Hà, an economist and Managing Director of VinFuture Prize, is the only female Vietnamese scientist on Elsevier's list of the top 100,000 most influential scientists.

Southern tourist trade steadily recovers

Taking advantage of the many resources and good weather, tourism activities in many localities in the Southeast and the Mekong River Delta continue to prosper and build momentum.
Ông Táo's Kitchen

Sông Cái Spirit

The flow-like effect created by the hibiscus syrup and passion fruit juice in the cocktail Sông Cái Spirit is reminiscent of the flow of blood in the body.

Bookmarked: self-service shop draws in book lovers

Entering a bookshop, choosing a favourite title, and skimming through for as long as you want with some relaxing music gently playing in the background, without being frowned at by the shopkeeper. This is surely a dream for book lovers in Việt Nam.

Disabled artist turns áo dài into unique paintings

A disabled man based in the southern city of Cần Thơ, works hard every day to "breathe new life" into fabric with his miraculous paintings. It is hard to believe that the creator of thousands of paintings on shirts and áo dài (traditional dress) is a man who had to have one leg and both hands amputated.

Fantasy literature struggles to find readers

Seeing the vast potential for sales that promise many opportunities for fantasy writing talent to develop, some young writers have moved into the field and had initial success, but more efforts are needed to attract more readers.
Inner Sanctum

Young writer finds motivation creating children's stories

Nguyễn Chí Ngoan recently established a name for himself when he won the Cricket Aspiration Awards 2020 with Rồi Nắng Cũng Lẻ Loi , a collection of short tales about children from Việt Nam's southwestern area who have physical flaws and have had a difficult life.