Further reforms will make Việt Nam one of Asia’s leading nations

Rainer Zitelmann, a German economic historian and sociologist who has written 29 books, including the latest one about the economic success of Việt Nam and Poland: “How Nations Escape Poverty, Vietnam, Poland, and the Origins of Prosperity” spoke with Việt Nam News reporter Mai Linh about how the country can become one of Asia’s leading nations.
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Maximise export opportunities and FTA advantages: Industry and Trade Minister

The Ministry of Industry and Trade aims to enhance trade and export promotion with key markets, maximising export opportunities and leveraging the effectiveness of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). To achieve these goals, the industry and trade sector will exert exceptional efforts. Minister of Industry and Trade, Nguyễn Hồng Diên, discussed strategies to accomplish these tasks with VNA reporters
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New strategies for attracting quality FDI to Việt Nam

As the race of attracting capital is becoming fiercer among nations, Việt Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research’s Vice President Nguyễn Quốc Việt spoke with Việt Nam News Reporter Mai Linh on new competitive advantages for Việt Nam to remain an attractive destination for the quality and high technology capital inflow.
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Banking industry forecasts better prospects in 2024

The banking industry has experienced a difficult period in 2023 due to global and domestic headwinds. However, the industry outlook is forecast to be more positive next year when credit growth improves. Việt Nam News reporter Thu Hà talked with banking and finance expert Nguyễn Trí Hiếu about the issue.
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Việt Nam-Singapore accelerate co-operation in digital and green economy

Bilateral trade relations between Việt Nam and Singapore in digital and green economy are expected to deepen further. Gan Kim Yong, Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry, talked to media about the two countries’ co-operation in the emerging areas at the sidelines of the recent Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2023.
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Education is key to green economy: expert

As Việt Nam is pursuing a green growth path, Ireland’s model can be a good example. Việt Nam News reporter Ly Ly Cao spoke to Professor Alan Barrett, CEO of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), Ireland’s leading centre for policy-oriented social science research, to discuss how Việt Nam can learn from and follow in Ireland’s footsteps based on the country’s advantages
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Hong Kong to help elevate Việt Nam's stock market potential

When Christina Bao, Co-Head of Sales & Marketing at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), came to Việt Nam for a conference, Việt Nam News reporter Ly Ly Cao took the opportunity to speak to her about solutions to enhance the country’s stock market and how Hong Kong can support Việt Nam in the upgrading process.
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Construction material prices forecast to increase sharply in Q3

Based on  fluctuations in the construction material market in the first half of this year, the Ministry of Construction forecasts that the price of construction sand and stone in the third quarter of 2023 will continue to increase when major traffic projects have started simultaneously across the country from the beginning of the year.