Green duo gun for greener Việt Nam

Aspiring to create a greener future, one travelling duo have tried their best to maintain and grow Việt Nam’s breathtaking natural beauty.

HCM City festive events attract visitors

A series of cultural, sports, tourism, and cuisine events have been organised in HCM City throughout this month, enchanting tourists with new year celebrations and the festive spirit all around town.
Ông Táo's Kitchen

Christmas Dessert Cocktail

The merriest season is finally here, bringing cosy gatherings and mesmerising holiday feasts. Pan Pacific Hanoi introduces the sensational dessert-inspired cocktail adding some extra cheer to your festive celebration.

Đỗ family clan spreads pursuit of knowledge

These clans, which work as a form of large extended families, put education very high on their list of priorities, with scholarships, award ceremonies, and community service all aimed at spreading the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.
Inner Sanctum

Fusion part of modern circus evolution

After two years of stagnation due to the pandemic, performance art has been revived. Recently, the circus has made a strong comeback. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Vietnamese circus, People’s Artist Tống Toàn Thắng, vice director of the Việt Nam Circus Federation, talks to Ngô Minh about the plan to develop a national circus.