Nom, nom Vietnam - Episode 47: Fried rice flour cake

Bột chiên (fried rice flour cake) is one of the most popular HCM City street foods, with its golden crust, soft texture and savoury dipping sauce. Students and adults alike have been eating this snack for decades.


Nom, nom Việt Nam - Episode 44: Scorched rice

This hot weather may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who specialise in making scorched rice, the sun can’t come quick enough. This dish is usually made with goat meat in Ninh Bình Province, but like all good food it has spread nationwide. If you’ve never tried this crispy delicacy, you are sure in for a treat.


Nom, nom Vietnam - Episode 42: Shrimp cake

No trip to Hà Nội is complete without a visit to the city's iconic West Lake. But have you tried one of its traditional delicacies? These crispy shrimp cakes are the perfect complement to a day by the water's edge.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 33: Pork ribs porridge

In many countries porridge may be the best way to fill up for breakfast at the beginning of the day, but in Việt Nam, it's a lot more than just a bowl of oats. Here you will find the dish filled with succulent pork, and it is far from just a breakfast meal.


Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 31: Mountain goat

Goat is an extremely popular dish elsewhere in the world, but in Việt Nam it is extra special. And if you want the best goat meat, then Ninh Bình is the place to visit. But for all you city dwellers, don’t worry, There’s some pretty tasty goat restaurants in Hà Nội as well. — VNS