Flower tour offers knowledge in an aromatic atmosphere

Flowers have played an important part of everyday traditions in Hà Nội in particular and Việt Nam in general. They are used for worship, making tea and of course decorating homes. Learning about flowers to understand Vietnamese culture is a fresh idea for a tour.

Gia Lâm Cổ Tự Pagoda: a great religious tourism destination

Gia Lam Cổ Tự Pagoda in Hậu Giang Province is a great religious tourism destination, with nearly 180 beautifully crafted statues, among the most in the Mekong Delta region. Many of these detailed statues depict important Buddhism figures, creating a solemn feeling to the pagoda.

Pick of the bunch

If you’re seeking a tranquil getaway from the city, Mộc Châu plateau in Sơn La Province is the pick of the bunch. Around this time of year, the area is covered in white plum blossom, offering an ideal destination for tourists to take photos and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Fun at Bình Thuận's beaches

Bình Thuận Province is aiming to become the country’s watersports hub, with a range of exciting activities on offer. Many local and foreign tourists have fallen in love with the beautiful beaches and great weather in Mũi Né and Phan Thiết City, which are perfect for thrill seekers.

Sea potential 

Even though Việt Nam is blessed with a beautiful long coast, it has not taken full advantage of it to develop sea and island tourism. Experts have proposed numerous solutions, but for the growth of the whole tourism industry and the Vietnamese economy, a sustainable strategy is needed.

Ancient citadel

The Sơn Tây ancient citadel marked 200 years of its existence this year. This citadel was built for defence purpose under the Nguyễn Dynasty which was the only citadel in the country made from laterite, unique local material.

Green travel

Green tourism has recently become a trend and a consistent goal of Vietnamese tourism. As the sector is bouncing back after the pandemic, much more emphasis is placed on developing in this more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Cao Bồ promotes tourism potential

In recent years, the Dao people, who account for over 95 per cent of the commune's population, invested in homestay services, serving visitors to eat and stay at their family's traditional stilt houses.

Tapping tourism potentials

Vân Hồ District in the northern province of Sơn La is one hidden gem that’s blessed with stunning scenery and ethnic minorities. Prairies, waterfalls and lush forests are a major pull for visitors from far and wide. So if you are visiting Vietnam anytime soon make sure you check out Vân Hồ.

Beauty awakened

Hà Nam may well be the next favourite weekend getaway spot for northern residents. Situated about 65km to the south of Hà Nội, the province is home to sacred pagodas, serene lakes and majestic mountains. A hidden gem just waiting for more people to discover its beauty!

Flower festival

From October to December, Hà Giang Province is covered in pink buckwheat flowers. The tiny flower has become a symbol of the province, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Rice noodle soup for crab lovers

HCM CITY – Bánh canh cua (crab thick rice noodle soup) is known as a major part of Southern cuisine. It is said to have existed in the twentieth century in Việt Nam and was famous for its flavorful red-orange broth.