Discovering the wind farm in Bạc Liêu

Working out what’s the best way to provide power to the nation is no easy task. As we search for cleaner and greener sources, more and more wind farms are appearing around the country.

Ako Dhong: village in the city

Only two kilometres north of Buôn Ma Thuột City, Ðắk Lắk Province, AKo Dhong brings an endless and hidden beauty of a traditional village of Ê Đê ethnic people.

Lost in Lô Lô Chải Village

At the foot of Lũng Cú National Flag Tower, the country’s north pole in Lũng Cú Commune, Đồng Văn District, there is a miraculous village, which is often depicted in legends. Its name is Lô Lô Chải.