Hòa Bình tourism attracts investors

With a favourable geographical position and as a cradle of Mường culture, the northern mountainous province of Hòa Bình is an interesting destination for a short vacation and an attractive investment destination for investors.

Mũi Trèo Beach: the pearl of Quảng Trị

If Vĩnh Linh attracts tourists due to its heroic historical monuments, Mũi Trèo Beach is the place to soothe the sadness hidden in this land (Quảng Trị Province) with its beautiful and poetic landscapes.


Wonders of the North: Huổi Cang and Huổi Đáp caves

Huổi Cang, Huổi Đáp cave in Pa Ham Commune, Mường Chà District, Điện Biên Province are likened to artistic masterpieces of nature with many diverse features of topography, geology, geomorphology, climate, biology, ecology and environmental landscape.

Central region in dire need of tourism revival

After years of successful operations in Hội An, the beachfront Sea'lavie Boutique Resort & Spa on An Bàng beach now only employs 20 per cent of its normal workforce, while room rates have been slashed by 50 per cent.


Vingroup to officially launch the region's leading "Sleepless City" model

Vingroup Group will officially open the Phú Quốc United Center in the north of Pearl Island (Đảo Ngọc) on April 21. With a scale of more than 1,000 hectares and thousands of entertainment items in addition to a 24/7 resort and shopping ecosystem, Phú Quốc United Center will be the first sleepless super complex in Việt Nam, making Phú Quốc a new international destination in Asia.

Lost in Xẻo Quýt national historic site in Đồng Tháp

Located about 30km from the centre of Cao Lãnh City, Đồng Tháp Province, in the area of ​​Mỹ Long and Mỹ Hiệp communes, Xẻo Quýt national historic site, as well as the ecological area, gave us the feeling of being lost in a primaeval forest with beautiful scenery.

Nặm Đăm, a highlight of Hà Giang tourism

Nặm Đăm community-based cultural village in Quản Bạ ​​District, Hà Giang Province is a fairly untouched spot and has only been developed for tourism in the last few years to take advantage of its beautiful natural landscape and the traditional cultural features of the Dao people.