Cồn Đen eco-tourism area, a wild beauty

In addition to Đồng Châu and Cồn Vành, Cồn Đen is also an extremely attractive and interesting destination for tourists both inside and outside the province. It is only 150km from the capital of Hà Nội, so it is an ideal beach tourism destination for tourists on summer days.

The charming beauty of Hòn Giao Pass

Hòn Giao Pass has long been a road for those who love to explore. Each turn is a majestic scene with poetic mountains and forests. Mist hangs low over the pass and flows down the valley.


Resumed flights to revive Đà Nẵng tourism

Nine major airlines have officially resumed regular flights on 10 air routes connecting the central city of Đà Nẵng with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and India between March and September, sparking a wake-up in tourism markets in Northeast Asia and ASEAN destinations.

Peace and tranquility in Séo Mý Tỷ

Séo Mý Tỷ still retains the characteristics of a Mông village in Sa Pa Town, Lào Cai Province, with roofs thatched with pơ mu wood and terraced fields winding around the highest man-made lake in Indochina.


Quây Sơn - a beautiful, remote river

As one of the rivers flowing along the borders of the country, Quây Sơn River is as poetic and beautiful as a picture. It runs through the rolling limestone mountains of Trùng Khánh District, Cao Bằng Province.


Discovering Đôi Cape, journey towards the sun

Referring to the central province of Khánh Hòa, people often think of Nha Trang, but few people know that there is also a place with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine with diverse landscapes. That is Mũi Đôi (Đôi Cape), the first sunrise viewing spot on the mainland.