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Pâté en croute (Pie-crust)

Update: August, 16/2020 - 11:38

With chef La Thừa Ân from The Temptation Restaurant

Chef La Thừa Ân





Duck 200 gr

Iberico pork tenderloin 200 gr

Iberico pork presa 130 gr

Yellow chicken breast 220 gr

Chicken liver 100 gr

Pork fat 220 gr

Duck fat 180 gr

Egg 1

Aromatic garnish:

Onion 30 gr

Shallot 20 gr

Carrot 20 gr

Garlic 10 gr

Celery 20 gr

Sugar 1.5 gr

Bay leaf 1

Thyme 1 gr

Rosemary 1 gr

Red wine 50 gr

Parsley spice and seasoning 1 gr

Butter 100 gr


5 spices 0.5 gr

Cajun spice 1 gr

Onion powder 1.5 gr

Cumin 0.5 gr

Garlic powder 0.5 gr

Piment Cayenne 0.5 gr

Nitrate salt (pink salt) 2.0 gr

Salt 13 gr

Cognac 50 gr

Pecan nut 20 gr


Caul fat pork 40 gr

Mushroom and truffle mashed 100 gr

Half-cooked foie gras ballottine 370 gr (2 cm diameter and 20 cm long, but will also depend on your mould)


Cake flour 500 gr

Water 425 gr

White vinegar 10 gr

Butter 200 gr

Salt 12 gr

Eggs 2


Filling 1:

Trim the meat to remove the nerves.

Cut meat into thick slices, except the chicken liver. Let it set in the fridge

Aromatic garnish:

Place the vegetables in the food processor and blend for a short time

Melt the butter in a saucepan

Add the chopped vegetables

Cook for a few minutes over a medium heat, add the red wine, reduce a bit, and allow to cool


Prepare the necessary ingredients for the meat marinade.

In a food processor, blend the salt and pepper

Add the five-spice mix, the pink salt, and all the spices. Mix well

Sprinkle the seasoning over the meat

Add the aromatic garnish and the Cognac and the pecan nuts

Cover the surface with cling film, refrigerate overnight


Make a foie gras roll like a sushi roll. Roll out the cling film

Put the pork caul fat above and on top of the mushroom and truffle paste and add the foie gras ballotine and roll

Set in the freezer overnight


Place the flour in the stand mixer recipient, add salt

Add the soft butter, dice it, add a whole egg

Place the recipient in the stand mixer and knead at a low speed with the flat beater, gradually adding water until the dough is firm and consistent

Remove the bowl from the mixer and place the dough in the bowl. Keep in the fridge for 4 hours minimum

Cut 2 chunks of dough, one to line the mould and another to make the cover and decor


Using an oil spray, grease a long rectangular pâté mould or use baking paper to put inside the mould

Roll out the first pastry with a rolling pin, to a thickness of 0.4 cm, and line the mould with the short crust pastry.

Leave about 2 cm more dough around the mould, to be able to close it after having put the stuffing in. Set in the fridge

Pâté en croute


Filling 2:

Take the meat marinade out of the fridge

Remove the thyme and bay leaves and the chicken liver from the meat marinade

Pan sear the chicken liver quickly and let it cool. Cut into thick slices

Mince the meat with the meat grinder or by hand, until it is rather coarse

When all the meat has been minced, add a whole egg and the chicken liver

Mix the ingredients gently with a rubber spatula. If needed, add some marinade to smooth the consistency of the stuffing. Place in the fridge


Spread some stuffing to a thickness of half a mould

Take the foie gras out of the freezer and quickly sear on all sides

Add the foie gras roll in the middle and cover with the rest of the filling. Press down on the ingredients to make sure that the stuffing is compact

Add some stuffing to fill the gaps if necessary

Even out the surface, and make sure you leave a gap of 1 cm at the top

Make an egg wash with egg yolk, water and salt, then glaze the edges of the straight pastry rim

Using a rolling pin, roll out a second chunk of dough to a thickness of 4 mm and place it over the mould with the glazed pastry

Slide the rolling pin along the rim of the mould and cut out the excess pastry

Make two holes on the top of the dough in each corner of the terrine so you can pour the jelly after cooking

Decorate the terrine as you like

Glaze the surface with egg wash


Cook the pâté en croûte in a preheated oven at 170°C and bake for one hour and 10 minutes until the pastry is golden

Remove the pâté en croûte from the oven

Set aside until cooled to around 70°C.

Add the duck jelly melted into the hole and let it set into the fridge for 24 hours

Releasing the pâté from the mould:

Heat the borders of the mould so the pâté is easier to remove

The pâté is now ready to serve

You can buy the dish at the Temptation Restaurant, 125 Hồ Nghinh Street, Sơn Trà District, Đà Nẵng. Call 0817952552 for delivery. VNS



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