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Nem bề bề

Update: July, 19/2020 - 10:53


Nem bề bề (Stomatopoda or sea mantis shrimp spring rolls)

 Apart from roasting or steaming, bề bề can also be cooked in tasty spring rolls bursting with aromatic flavours.

- Bề bề: 6-8
- Pork blade: 200 gr
- Carrot: 1
- Large onion: 1
- Jicama: 1
- Mushrooms: 50 gr
- Wood ears: 50 gr
- Fresh onion: 50 gr
- Eggs: 2
- Broth mix: ½ tsp
- Pepper: ¼ tsp
- Sugar: 1 tsp
- Vinegar: 1 tsp
- Boiled water: 1 tsp


Chef Lê Đức Hải 

Mince peeled bề bề and pork blade while cutting carrots, onions, jicama, mushrooms, wood ears, and fresh onion into pieces before mixing all together with the broth mix and eggs.

The mix should be wrapped in rice paper before frying in cooking oil on a pan over a medium heat for 10 minutes until tasty and fragrant, or covered with a mix of sugar, vinegar and boiled water to ensure it remains crispy.

The rolls are dipped in a mixture of quality fish sauce, sugar, garlic, and chili, and eaten with salad or basil.

You can enjoy nem bề bề at Ngon Garden Restaurant, 70 Nguyễn Du Street, Hà Nội. Tet: 090 222 6224. Email:

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