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Caramelised mackerel stew

Update: July, 12/2020 - 07:47

Caramelised mackerel stew

Caramelised mackerel stew with Chef Nguyễn Quang Thành at the Atlantis restaurant, The Alma Beach Resort


Mackerel: 1,000 gr

Pork belly: 300 gr

Green onion: 200 gr

Garlic: 100 gr

Ginger: 100 gr

Purple shallots: 100 gr

Sugar: 300 gr

Chín Tuy fish sauce: 200 ml

Knor seasoning: 200 gr

Black pepper: 50 gr

Chilli: 50 gr

Chef Nguyễn Quang Thành


Sautee the sliced pork belly in a terracotta pot for 7 minutes.

Add chopped shallots, garlic, and the white roots of the green onion. Stir well.

Then add sliced mackerel to the pot, add fish sauce, the Knorr seasoning, 100 gr of sugar, pepper and chilli, and 100 ml of boiling water.

Caramelise 200 mg sugar in another pot, add to the fish pot. Simmer on a medium heat for 30 minutes, add seasoning to taste.

Bon appetit!






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