Heart of the coconut tree salad

February 28, 2021 - 07:58

With Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên of Movenpick Hotel Hanoi

With Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên of Movenpick Hotel Hanoi


Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên

  (For 2 servings)

1.    Ingredients:

Heart of the coconut tree spring rolls and shrimp rolls

-    Dry copra                       200 gr

-    Herbs                               30 gr

-    Cucumbers                      100 gr

-    Coriander                         30 gr

-    Carrots                             100 gr

-    Curly lettuce                     50 gr

-    Purple onion                     50 gr

-    Mint leaves                            20 gr

-    Chilli peppers                      20 gr

-    Rice sheets                        2 pcs

-    Green sticky rice              30 gr

-    Prawns                               80 gr

-    Shrimp type 30pcs/kg     100 gr

-    Egg                                    1 pc

-    Roasted peanuts             150 gr

-    Sesame oil                         5 ml

-    Fish sauce                         30 ml

-    Brochette                           2 pcs

-    Vinegar                              30 ml

-    Sugar                                 80 gr

-    Raw pork paste                  30 gr

●    Ingredients for the sauce:

-    Brown sugar                              200 gr

-    Pineapple                                     2 kg

-    Garlic                                            1 pc

-    Lime                                              4 pcs

-    Roasted peanuts                         100 gr

-    Chilli peppers                               9 pcs

-    Fried onions                                 100 gr

-    Water                                            90 ml

-    Citronella                                       3 pcs

Heart of the coconut tree salad


2.    To make:

●    Shrimp rolls

Wash the prawns, dry, mince, and mix with raw pork paste, pepper, sesame oil and sugar. Blend the mixture with green sticky rice then deep fry.

●    Sauce

Chopped garlic, citronella, chili pepper and fried onions. Then stir-fry the fried onions with ½ minced chili pepper, ½ minced garlic, and ½ minced citronella.

Continue to add sugar, fish sauce, and pineapple after peeling off the eyes, then lime juice and the remaining minced chilli pepper, garlic, and citronella. Grind the roasted peanuts with water then add to the sauce, and heat until mixture is condensed.

●    Heart of coconut tree salad

Wash cucumbers, cut into quarters, cut out seeds then slice

Julienne the carrots

Thinly slice onions

Thinly slice heart of coconut tree

Julienne the chilli peppers

Peel the boiled shrimp and cut in half

Mix all the above ingredients, display half of the salad on a plate to serve with shrimp rolls. The rest of the salad is wrapped with prawns and rice sheets.

3.     Requirements of completed dish:

Colour: Shrimp rolls have a beautiful golden brown colour. The colour is balanced between the ingredients - orange from carrots, white from heart of coconut tree, red from chilli peppers, and green from herbs.

Texture: Rolled without tearing.

Flavour: Heart of coconut tree salad has a sweet and sour taste, while shrimp rolls are greasy.

You can sample this dish at Movenpick Hotel Hanoi, 83A Lý Thường Kiệt Street, Hà Nội, or visit the hotel’s Facebook page @MövenpickHanoi for more details.