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Sautéed Chicken with Fresh Sa Pa Ginseng

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Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên

 With Executive Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên from Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi

The dish has a mild spicy taste from chilli and ginger, a mild sour taste from black vinegar, an aroma from the pilot wine, and sweetness from the ginseng.

Ingredients: for 4 servings

Boneless chicken thigh     600 gr               Cassava starch             10 gr

Sa Pa ginseng                    200 gr               Dried chilli                   10 gr

Ginger                               50 gr                 Sichuan chilli sauce      20 gr

Chilli pepper                       100 gr               Black vinegar              20 ml

Onions                                100 gr               Pilot wine                    30 ml

Carrots                                100 gr               Soy sauce                    20 ml

Celery                                50 gr                 Chicken powder          10 gr

Minced garlic                    30 gr                 Sugar                           3 gr

Cooking oil                       100 ml              Oyster sauce                10 gr

Roasted cashews                50 gr                 Pepper                         3 gr


Sautéed Chicken with Fresh Sa Pa Ginseng



  • Cut chicken into square 2.5cm x 2.5cm pieces then marinate with oyster oil, chicken powder, and cassava starch. Then fry the marinated chicken until it is nearly well done.
  • Cut chili peppers into four slices, removing their insides. Dice onions into 2cm x 2cm pieces.
  • Peel and slice carrots, take the white part of onions then cut into pieces, cut dry chillies into 1cm diagonal pieces, then thinly trim ginger and ginseng.
  • Fry minced garlic, dry chillies with chilli sauce, pilot wine, soy sauce, water, black vinegar, sugar, pepper and chicken powder. Then stir-fried vegetables and add fried chicken, season until pleasant to taste, then continue to add cassava starch until the sauce is condensed.
  • Sprinkle roasted cashews on top once on a plate and serve while still hot.

You can enjoy other food creations from Executive Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên and other talented chefs at Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi at the hotel’s Mangosteen Restaurant, 83A Lý Thường Kiệt Street, Hà Nội. Tel: (024) 3822 2800.


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