Bắc Giang prioritises resources for urban development

October 30, 2023 - 13:48
Bắc Giang will prioritise resources for investment and development.


An aerial view of Bắc Giang Province. Bắc Giang Province focuses on infrastructure construction for urban development. VNA/VNS Photo 

BẮC GIANG – Bắc Giang will prioritise resources for investment and development, focusing on urban construction and the advancement of critical infrastructure, particularly transportation infrastructure, to facilitate the creation of new development zones, the provincial Department of Construction announced.

Nguyễn Việt Phong, director of the provincial Department of Construction emphasised the province's intentions to propel the development of urban areas, especially large-scale and strategically significant urban development projects.

He said these projects would harness external funding sources to establish new development areas benefiting the government, businesses, and residents.

The province would also undertake a comprehensive review to identify and address any missing criteria based on urban classification standards. This strategic effort was aimed at securing the necessary investment resources to elevate urban classifications across the region, with a specific focus on avoiding shortfalls in key criteria, especially in the domains of transportation infrastructure, water supply, lighting, education, and healthcare, he said.

Furthermore, districts and cities within the province would prioritise their efforts to accelerate the completion of planning and construction projects. This included comprehensive urban planning, district-level development planning, and zoning plans for areas such as Bắc Giang City, Việt Yên District, Hiệp Hoà District, and the expanded Chũ Township.

Also, they would work on general village construction planning, detailed urban population planning, and multiple functional area development projects.

Phong highlighted that the provincial People's Council recently passed resolutions approving the master plan for Bắc Giang City and Bắc Giang Province until 2045, along with an agreement to establish Việt Yên Town under Bắc Giang Province and create wards within Việt Yên Town.

After the Prime Minister's approval of Bắc Giang Province's planning for the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050, istricts and cities have actively been adjusting and updating their planning to ensure compliance with provincial planning.

This would serve as the foundation for detailed planning and construction investment projects, he added.

Phong also noted that some districts have already completed the adjustment of their district-level development plans, such as Lạng Giang and Yên Thế. Some general urban development plans have been finished, including Lan Mẫu and Cẩm Lý in Lục Nam District, as well as Nhã Nam and Ngọc Thiện in Tân Yên District.

As of now, Bắc Giang Province has 17 urban areas, including one Class-2 urban area, four Class-4 urban areas, and 12 Class-5 urban areas. The urban population ratio is approximately 23.6 per cent. – VNS