Hương Pagoda
Life & Style

Cultural flower tour opens

Hà Nội-based travel company Asia Exotica has just launched a new service offering tourists a chance to experience the long history floral tradition of Hanoians.


Women empowered by GREAT Programme

In many ways Lường Thị Hồng Tươi, Hà Thị Huế and Cao Thị Tâm are similar. They have the same worries, loves, desires, and frailties, and have managed to take opportunities to earn money, support others and lead people in their community to improve their lives.


Preserving Huế's symbolic wooden houses

Wooden houses are the fine ancient buildings that form the typical architecture and are a key part of the historical and cultural heritage of the former royal capital city of Huế. But sadly, over the years, they have not always been looked after with due care.

Expat Corner

Enjoying happiness and safety in Việt Nam

Anyone following her Instagram account can see beautiful landscapes throughout Việt Nam, while clips on her TikTok page are funny, with the young woman sharing her feelings and incidents when trying to speak Vietnamese.


Journey to the pagoda in the clouds

Ngọa Vân is a sacred pagoda located on Bảo Đài Mountain, in the territory of two communes, An Sinh and Bình Khê, in Quảng Ninh Province. Built during the Trần Dynasty (1225-1400), the pagoda was the final destination in King-Monk Trần Nhân Tông’s journey of Buddhist practice and enlightenment.


Provincial pride showcased at Quảng Ninh museum

The distinguished architecture of the Quảng Ninh Museum and Library complex has proved a popular draw for visitors of all ages in the northern province. Now that Quảng Ninh has reopened to tourists it is among the places most worth exploring.

Talk Around Town

All's well that ends well in ancient villages

When considering old Vietnamese villages, people are quick to think of banyan trees, local wells and communal houses, which are widely seen as “ancient cultural icons” of rural areas. Beside their substantial real life value, they are symbolic of a community culture where people meet, talk and exchange news.