Ancient woodblock printing saved from the chop

A project aiming to revive the the art of woodblock printing has recently been launched by local artisans in collaboration with the Centre for Research, Development, and Application of Vietnamese Craft Village Products

Agritourism a new model for Mekong Delta

Farmers are encouraged to participate in tourism, contributing to the economic restructuring of agricultural life to service-oriented tourism, thereby developing the rural economy through tourism activities, and increasing the value of farm produce.

Village goes crackers for rice paper

About 45 kilometres north of Hà Nội, Thổ Hà Village in Bắc Giang Province is where rice paper and rice crackers are made. These speciality products have garnered a reputation that extends from northern to southern Việt Nam and even abroad.

Tam Cốc a leader in the tourist field

With the annual Golden Colour of Tam Cốc – Tràng An Tourism Week being organised, now is one of the best times to visit Ninh Bình, just less than two hours away by car from central Hà Nội.

Ethnic community gives farming a face-lift

A community of 41 ethnic groups in Quảng Sơn Commune has been building high-valued farms with exportable crops at Dano Farm – the first ‘green’ agro-forestry co-operative of a multi-ethnic community.