Champa house awakens ancient culture

Kiều Maily made a life in HCM City as a broadcaster and writer, but ancient Hội An City became a favourite destination for her to promote the traditional culture of Chăm people.

Building support networks for families to thrive

To cherish Việt Nam Family Day (June 28), two new Ngôi nhà Ánh Dương (Houses of Sunlight) have been opened in Đà Nẵng and Hồ Chí Minh City to host women and girls who suffer domestic and gender-based violence leaving their homes in an emergency.

Tourism industry flourishes during summer

The tourism industry is expected to bounce back this summer after two years of stringent COVID-19 travel restrictions and regulations. Tickets for flights, trains, buses, and accommodation have been nearly sold out.

Photographer creates camera museum at home

Phạm Công Thắng, a photographer living in Hà Nội, has amassed a collection of hundreds of cameras, books, and other photographic artefacts at the gallery that he has established in his own house.


Investment ready for Hà Nội's relic restoration

Hà Nội's recent decision to mobilise vast financial sources to protect its heritage sites is promising to blow a new breath of life into hundreds of historical and cultural monuments after many years of effort without success.


Huế's Đông Ba Market revamped to lure tourists

Returning to the central province of Thừa Thiên Huế after more than two years of lockdown due to the pandemic, Lưu Hoàng Long and his wife, a Vietnamese Australian, chose first to visit Đông Ba Market, the biggest traditional local shopping centre in the ancient royal city of Huế.


Happiness takes root with wonder crop

For the past few years, ramie (a flowering plant of the nettle family) has gradually replaced local crops such as corn and cassava in Vân Hồ District, in the northern province of Sơn La, and the multipurpose plant has brought better incomes to residents.


Ethnic Cơ Tu people treasure threatened freshwater fish

Vũng Bọt Stream at the junction of the Bắc (North) and Nam (South) rivers that merge the Cu Đê River is home to the 'niên' fish (Onychostoma gerlachi), a natural freshwater fish species that is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


Awakening Quảng Ninh's Yên Trung Lake

The picturesque and tranquil landscapes around Yên Trung, the biggest freshwater lake in the northern coastal province of Quảng Ninh's Uông Bí City, have become a must-see for nature-loving tourists from across the country.


Maths teacher adds pencil art to class

High school maths teacher Dương Văn Kiên in the central city of Đà Nẵng has a unique way of encouraging his students, presenting them with his elegant handmade pencil sculptures.