July 07, 2024 - 07:09
With Chef Daewon Kim, Korean chef de cuisine at Sheraton Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort.
Daewon Kim, South Korean chef de cuisine at Sheraton Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort.

From South Korea, Chef Daewon Kim has collaborated with Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera Hotel for the Straight Outta Seoul culinary series recently held at Saigon Café restaurant.

Chef Kim showcased his passion and expertise by preparing his generational Korean recipes live at a dedicated festival station during the event.

This captivating culinary presentation seamlessly complemented the diverse range of seafood offerings featured in the sumptuous buffet dinner at the restaurant.

Let’s explore the secret of this bibimbap recipe, one of Chef Kim’s signature Korean dishes.


Main ingredients

- Japanese rice steamed: 1 small bowl

- Sautee king oyster mushroom: 40gm

- Sautee carrot: 40gm

- Sautee zucchini: 40gm

- Sautee spinach:40gm

- Fried egg: 1pc

- Minced beef sauce: 50gm

Side dish

- Sesame oil: 15gm

- Kimchi: 30gm

- Gochujang sauce: 30gm

- Pickler: 40gm

Minced beef for bibimbap:

- Minced beef: 2,000gm

- Kikoman: 150gm

- Corn syrup: 200gm

- Mirin: 50gm

- Sesame oil: 50gm

- Chopped garlic: 40gm

- Oil: 50gm

- Chicken powder: 20gm

- Water: 100gm

Chili sauce for bibimbap

- Korean chili paste: 100gm

- Corn syrup: 150gm

- Mirin: 50gm

- Sesame oil: 50gm

- Sesame seed: 10gm


- Minced beef will be marinated with Kikoman sauce and Miri Sake.

- The mixture then will be stir-fried in a hot pan with minced garlic

- Finally, mix it all up into one big delicious bowl and dig in.

Bibimbap, one of the signature Korean dishes made by Chef Daewon Kim. Photo courtesy of Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera