Sun World Ba Den Mountain has been honoured with the prestigious award for the best tourism landscape design Vietnam 2023

November 20, 2023 - 10:16
On November 16, 2023, Sun World Ba Den Mountain - a stunning tourist destination crafted by Sun Group atop Ba Mountain (Tay Ninh Province) - was honoured as the “Best Tourism Landscape Design Vietnam 2023” at the Dot Property Awards 2023.
Experience the panoramic view of Sun World Ba Den Mountain. Photo: Sun World Ba Den Mountain

The Sun World Ba Den Mountain tourist area has been recognised for its outstanding achievements in sustainable development, as it was awarded the “Best Tourism Landscape Design Vietnam 2023” at the prestigious Dot Property Awards 2023 - A prestigious annual international award for a large and prestigious real estate industry ecosystem most prestigious in Southeast Asia with the theme “Sustainable Development: Timeless Value of Sustainable Business Models”. This award highlighted the value of businesses that have demonstrated resilience and growth during challenging times.

As a remarkable destination due to its comprehensive investment in landscape and unique cultural experiences, Sun World Ba Den Mountain has been honoured with the “Best Tourism Landscape Design Vietnam 2023” at this year's award ceremony.

The recent economic crisis has served as a wake-up call for many industries and sectors to prioritise the well-being of individuals, according to experts from Dot Property Group, the organisers of the Dot Property Awards 2023. The biggest demand from the community now is for the well-being of people, specifically their physical and mental health. This has become an important factor in the success of Sun World Ba Den Mountain in this year's award ceremony, due to the values it brings to visitors' spirits after each trip.

Sun Group's representative received the award "Best Tourism Landscape Design Vietnam 2023" for Sun World Ba Den Mountain.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Nguyen Lam Nhi Thuy, Deputy General Director of Sun Group in the Southern region, said: “For us, this award is not only a recognition from the community and experts, but also serves as a motivation to continue our efforts to make the Ba Den National Tourist Area into a hub for outstanding cultural, spiritual, entertainment, and ecotourism experiences for the nation and the region.”

Nhi Thuy also said that, in addition to the major architectural structures designed by international partners, most of the landscape features on the mountaintop are designed and created by Sun World Ba Den Mountain's own architects and engineers, with the idea of creating peaceful meditation corners amid the pristine nature of Ba Den Mountain. The use of natural materials is a key aspect of the landscape design, as it not only reflects the resort's commitment to environmental sustainability but also provides a peaceful and harmonious experience for visitors.

Lantern offering is a sacred ritual at Sun World Ba Den Mountain during holidays. Photo: Nguyen Minh Tu

Officially launched in 2020, this stunning destination is set to become the top spot in the Southern region of Vietnam. With its modern cable car system and the world's largest cable car station, Sun World Ba Den Mountain is elevating the experience of visiting the famous Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Province. The breath-taking landscape of “De Nhat Thien Son” or “The First Celestial Mountain” is complemented by a range of magnificent structures and rich local cultural and spiritual experiences.

Located at an elevation of 986 meters, Ba Den Mountain is home to a series of spiritual and cultural landmarks that are designed to awaken the “four immeasurable minds” within each person according to Buddhist beliefs. These are the minds of “Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity”- four latent virtues within every individual. The journey begins with the statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bo Da Son, the tallest in Asia, located on the mountain top, symbolising Love and Compassion. It then gradually descends to the five giant water discs in the stylized image of five lotus petals, through the vast square, and ends at the statue of Maitreya Buddha, made of the world's leading sapphire stone, representing Joy and Equanimity. The system of constructions creates a contemporary appearance resembling a unique architectural masterpiece, while also carrying the deep spiritual essence of traditional Buddhist culture, where the mountaintop is considered one of the three holiest sanctuaries in Vietnam.

The unique lunar landscape at Vo Nga Garden. Photo: Nguyen Minh Tu

Deserving of the title “The most beautifully landscaped tourist area in Vietnam 2023”, Sun World Ba Den Mountain is a picturesque paradise, with over 50,000 flowers blooming year-round and unique gardens rich in meditative colours. Among them, Vo Nga Garden covers an area of 1,500m2 at the mountain top, designed in the style of Japanese bonsai gardens with numerous bonsai trees and lunar landscape miniatures, providing a peaceful place for visitors to relax and contemplate after their journey to explore Ba Den Mountain.

In the evening, the peak of Ba Den Mountain resembles a mesmerizing night time painting, with an artistic lighting system designed by architect Shin Takamatsu - the recipient of the highest honour from the Japanese Architects Association. The lighting system consists of over 3,500 LED lights illuminating the mountain top, with 29 pieces and over 480 floor-recessed lights, allowing for spectacular artistic light performances.

Adore worships the sutra pillar made of black and sequined granite with gold-plated Tibetan script. Photo: Sun World Ba Den Mountain

Sun World Ba Den Mountain offers a unique cultural and spiritual experience that is truly one of a kind. The space showcases replicas of classic Buddhist artworks from Vietnam and around the world, a state-of-the-art 3D mapping film centre showcasing the formation of the universe, a display of ancient Vietnamese temples through 3D hologram technology, and a collection of black granite pillars inscribed with Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra in gold-plated Tibetan script. One of the most remarkable features of Sun World Ba Den Mountain is its preservation of the relic of Buddha Shakyamuni, a precious treasure of Buddhism bestowed by the Bodh Gaya (India).

Throughout the year, Sun World Ba Den Mountain hosts a variety of large festivals such as the Spring Festival, Linh Son Thanh Mau (Linh Son Holy Mother), Buddha's Birthday, “Vu Lan” Festival, and Maitreya Buddha's Day. These festivals offer visitors the opportunity to partake in sacred experiences, making Ba Den Mountain a top spiritual and cultural destination in the southern region of Vietnam.

With a record-breaking 4.5 million visitors taking the cable car to the summit of Ba Den Mountain by the end of October 2023

Sun World Ba Den Mountain is one of the top five most attractive destinations in Vietnam in 2022. With a record-breaking 4.5 million visitors taking the cable car to the summit of Ba Den Mountain by the end of October 2023, it's clear that this destination is a must-see for travellers. Despite the challenges faced by the tourism industry, Sun World Ba Den Mountain has seen a significant increase in both domestic and international visitors, with international arrivals tripling compared to the same period in 2022.

In a time when the economy is recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sun World Ba Den Mountain stands out as a shining example of overcoming adversity and achieving success through a focus on people and sustainable strategic product development.