Buddhist Sangha

Colourful antique collection for the ages

When visiting Huỳnh Hữu Lộc’s wooden house in the early morning, you can see a Buddha statue in a mysterious dark-blue colour preserved solemnly at the centre of the house. But as the sun gets higher, that dark-blue changes to pale yellow at noon, then to puce as the sun goes down.

Politics & Laws

Việt Nam Buddhist Sangha celebrates 40th anniversary

The Việt Nam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) will continue to promote its role and prestige in strengthening national unity and solidarity among religions, optimising the strengths of beliefs and religions as well as culture for national development, speakers said yesterday (Nov 4) at a workshop in the city.


Country unites to fight 'invisible enemy'

The COVID-19 pandemic in Việt Nam is complex, with most provinces having recorded positive cases. Hồ Chí Minh City, the national business hub, and its surrounding provinces, have become a particular hotspot for the pandemic, but the people are united in battle against the killer disease

Life & Style

Down at the pub of lost souls

Everything needs to change with the times, even auspicious festivals that are centuries old. And so it is with Việt Nam’s Ghost Festival (Tết Trung Nguyên), which falls Sunday.


Residents have high expectations for new deputies for 2021-2026 term

On Sunday, millions of Vietnamese people nationwide will go to the polls to choose their representatives for the 15th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 term. HCM City voters of all walks of life share their expectations about the elected deputies that play a major role in creating a prosperous country.