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Wild chicken in five spices with water apple sauce

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Wild chicken in five spices with water apple sauce

Serves: 4

Time: The sauce needs to be made the day before, and the chicken takes 2 hours


- deboned chicken: 1.5kg

- variety of fresh mushrooms: 300g

- wild chestnuts: 150g

- purple shallots: 30g

- soy sauce: 50ml

- lemongrass: 30g

- honey: 20g

- five spices powder: 1 sachet

- fish sauce: 10ml

- salt: 2g

- pepper: 2g

- cooking oil: 200ml

Side dish:

- whole brown rice: 300g cooked with 50g chopped mushrooms and 50g honeyed ham



Chef Hải Anh of The T-Art




- red water apple: 500g

- water: 1 litre

- hot chilli: 10g

- galanga: 20g

- fruit vinegar: 50ml

- sugar: 100g

- lemongrass: 20g

- garlic: 20g

- chilli: 10g

- red wine: 300ml

- sultanas: 100g

- cinamon: 3 pieces

- star anise: 2 pieces



Step 1: Season the chicken with salt and pepper

Step 2: Stir fry the chopped mushrooms with chopped shallots, then add crushed steamed chestnuts to the pan and mix well. Allow to cool and spread evenly on the chicken, then wrap from one side to make a roll.

Step 3: Mix the soy sauce, lemongrass, honey, five spices, fish sauce, salt and pepper, and marinade the chicken for 30 minutes. Then lift the roll from the mix and allow to dry. Bake in a pre-warmed oven at 160 degree Celsius for 15 minutes, then roast for 7 minutes at 180C. 

Step 4: Cook the rice, then mix with the sauteed mushrooms (as in step 1), chop the honeyed ham. Fresh herbs can be added. 

Step 5: Marinade the red water apple in vinegar, sugar, lemongrass, chopped galanga, chilli, and garlic for one day, then blend well.

Heat the red wine in a pan, add golden raisins to simmer for 30-40 minutes. Add cinammon and star-anise for five minutes then filter through a sieve. Add the blended red water apple, and add salt and pepper to taste. 

Serve on a hot plate with honeyed jam and mushroom rice and herbs! Enjoy


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