Initiative presents fusion dishes created by Japanese and Vietnamese chefs

October 23, 2023 - 08:32

HÀ NỘI — One Japanese and two Vietnamese chefs will together introduce new dishes with Vietnamese-Japanese fusion, to connect the culinary cultures of the two countries.

They will introduce two dishes each, demonstrating the friendship between the two countries.

Chef Huỳnh Thanh Lâm. — Photos courtesy of the organisers

The initiative, entitled "Japan – Việt Nam Street Food Harmony", is part of a series of cultural activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relation between the two countries.

Six food creations presenting traditional Vietnamese and Japanese processing methods and ingredients, can be viewed on the website

Chef Shinobu Ito, who is also a researcher of Vietnamese cuisine in Japan, created two simple yet popular street dishes, bánh tráng nướng vị Okonomiyaki (Okonomiyaki-flavoured rice crepes) and cơm nắm nướng vị nước mắm (Grilled rice balls with fish-sauce flavour).

Chef Shinobu Ito.

Vietnamese chef Huỳnh Thanh Lâm presents dishes that are variations of popular Vietnamese street food combined with Japanese flavours, bánh khoai lang cá tuyết sốt cay (sweet potato cakes with codfish in spicy sauce) and bánh sandwich kẹp cá chẽm chiên xù (seabass sandwich).

Chef Nguyễn Bá Phước, who was the first-ever Vietnamese and the ninth foreign chef in the world to be granted the gold “Taste of Japan” badge by the Japanese Government, unveils his creations – củ sen kẹp tôm chiên tempura (tiger prawn and lotus root tempura), and thịt gà xiên nướng sốt miso cay (chicken skewer with spicy miso sauce).

Chef Nguyễn Bá Phước.

There is also a poll to vote for the favourite food. The three dishes that receive the most public votes will be served at the Japanese Cultural Festival slated to take place in Hà Nội in November 12. At the event, chefs will also share stories behind the recipes they have created.

The festival’s organiser will also disclose recipes of all these six dishes. They expect that visitors, by tasting the flavours will be inspired to prepare themselves. — VNS