Happy One, winner of APEA 2022's Inspirational Brand Award

October 13, 2022 - 08:00
Happy One, a project by Van Xuân Group, was honoured with the Inspirational Brand Award by the prestigious Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA 2022) on Friday, October 7. The award reflected Happy One's development journey and inspiration as a project.

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Happy One not only met all the strictest of criteria of the awards but also triumphed during an independent survey to win the Inspirational Brand Award by APEA 2022.

The pretigious Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) is one of the leading and most recognised award programme to honour entrepreneurs and organisations across Asia for their entrepreneurship and contribution to society.

The Inspirational Brand Award recognised organisations with transformational brands that seek to inspire and promote positive impacts to society, which have won the public's trust and support.

"Happy One winning the Inspirational Brand Award in its debut in the APEA is a milestone for Van Xuan Group, which has been striving to create new values for society. Not only has Happy One been a torch bearer with its distinguished architectural style and smart apartments, the project has also shined as a luxurious brand, aiming to define a modern and cozy lifestyle enjoyed by its residents. The brand consists of Happy One Phu Hoa, Happy One Premier  and Happy One Central, which have all been well-received by customers and business partners," said a Van Xuan Group spokesperson.

Established in 2005, Van Xuan Group has secured a name for itself with high-quality property projects. The group is known for its commitment to meet schedules and customers, as well as for its dedication to details in legal matters. The year 2017 marked an important pivot in the group's development with the introduction of Happy One, a leading brand in the residental apartment segment, on top of the group's other already successful products including villas, townhouses and commercial shophouses.

In 2019, Van Xuan Group announced Happy One Phu Hoa in Thu Dau Mot City in Binh Duong Province. Situated on the most prominent traffic route of Binh Duong Boulevard, Happy One Phu Hoa has built a modern and polished residential community. Van Xuan Group not only delivered all the apartments and Certificate of Land Use Rights early to customers it also hosted the Happy One Phu Hoa Residential Meeting shortly after.

In August 2020, Van Xuan Group announced a smart apartment project named Happy One Premier in the vicinity of the lively Tan Son Nhat International Airport. After two years under construction the project is in its final phase and expected to welcome its first residents by the end of 2022.

Meanwhile, Happy One Central has been considered as the group's most distinguished project to date with its architectural style, living space and the 68-amenities, inspired by the island city of Singapore. Under the project development, Van Xuan Group has been in partnership with industry leaders including Central Construction, Ong&Ong Architects, landscape design LJ-Asia, engineering Artelia and MBBank, as well as distributor partners such as Cen Sai Gon, VivaHomes, QSLand and Aplus.

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The perspective of Happy One Central.

The 40-storey high Happy One Central is considered a symbol of the Happy One Brand and expected to become a new landmark for Thu Dau Mot City by creating and promoting a positive lifestyle in society.

The group recently invited all Happy One Central's future residents to attend a thank you party named "The Happy Starry Night – You Deserve it". During the gala, Van Xuan Group has pledged more than VND7 billion for charity and 165 scholarships in the "Support for school" programme to students from under-privileged families for the 2022 school year.

APEA 2022's Inspirational Brand Award is not only recognition for the Happy One brand's continous effort to create and promote unique life values but also a reflection on its success, as well as the inspiration for Van Xuan Group to deliver even more high-quality products to meet customer demand and win their trust in the future.