Community bookcase project brings reading culture across the country

October 08, 2022 - 08:00
Besides the stone bench project, a series of campaigns promoting the community's reading culture has also been started by Khai Hoan Land since the beginning of this year. In particular, the Community Bookcase project is to be launched to promote a widespread reading culture across all ages, professions, and living standards.

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Khai Hoan Land's idea of ​​a community bookcase was born in the context of many different programmes building bookcases simultaneously. Many speakers and social activists also actively participate in such programmes to encourage the reading spirit of the community.

The target audience of many book programmes is students in elementary and high school. The Bookcase programmes aim to instil a habit and culture of reading in children from an early age.

Introducing the Community Bookcase Project

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On behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs, Khai Hoan Land initiated the Community Bookcase project to promote a widespread reading culture among most sections and classes of the population. The project created by Khai Hoan Land will focus on disadvantaged and disadvantaged groups in society and a part of the population in remote and isolated areas still facing many economic difficulties. Khai Hoan Land hopes that with the knowledge base, people will find a livelihood suitable to their capacity.

The Community Bookcase will include various books, but the most prominent are books on business knowledge and getting rich. The books help stimulate the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, helping people still in poverty have more motivation to rise and get out of poverty.

In addition to funding to build a bookcase and donate books for free, we also organise charity programmes. Donation activities not only intend to create more capital for the project but also help spread the project information to many people.

To help the effectiveness of the Community project add practical value and spread, the project management department also guides people to build bookcases based on their interests and reading habits of a group of people.

Possible community bookcases include business, literature, or ocean bookcases. It also contributes to creating a unique attraction for the development project.

Project development stages

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The Community Bookcase Project will be conducted in 3 phases. The first will organise fundraising programmes and connect with local resources to plan the project. Phase 2 combines organising unique cultural events in the locality and discussing with the publisher to find books suitable for the selected location of the project. Phase 3 will transfer the budget, guide the bookcase manager, and add some basic rules.

After project construction, the survey team will conduct a quarterly and annual review of the project's activities, and support local people to participate in local reading culture development events.

They are calling on both parents and children to participate in the campaign. Adults need to set an example for children to follow and learn. According to the current plan, the Community Bookcase will donate 1,000 bookcases to localities based on the fundraising situation, though the number may be more extensive.

Reading promotion and bookcase management also play a critical role after the bookcase is awarded. So the design of the activity will then be maintained to ensure the final desired effect. Khai Hoan Land hopes that the Community Bookcase project will also receive social resources to have enough capital to maintain the project longer.

Vision and effectiveness

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Khai Hoan Land believes with the Community Bookcase project, an opportunity to have access to the knowledge of many people is enhanced, and people began to pay more attention to reading culture. After forming the habit of reading books and improving their knowledge, they will gradually understand the values ​​they receive afterwards. Once the reading culture is created and replicated, it will continue to be inherited and promoted through generations.

Reading culture will also promote the spirit of learning among residents, and create motivation and opportunities for young people who study well but have difficult family circumstances. The project will improve the quality of human resources in the long run, which is also a key requirement to meet the fast development speed of the economy.

Along with the Community Bookcase projects, Khai Hoan Land will also combine with social projects to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship for young people. It will create significant power, creating a driving force for sustainable development for society in the long run.

The third approach to Community projects that Khai Hoan Land is considering will be extensive education projects, especially a language learning project and a project to supplement business knowledge for all.

It is the key to helping people get business tools to change their lives and contribute to the general development of society.

The speed of economic development in the country will create many opportunities to be passionate and devoted. Improving the quality of human resources in society is not only a complex problem for the Government; Khai Hoan Land [1] hopes that the Community Bookcase project will bring positive change, including in the quality of human resources and creating momentum for future economic development.