Buy foreign currency online, receive it in cash at bank

September 24, 2022 - 17:21
Buy foreign currency online, receive it in cash at bank

Demand for international travel has increased significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

And, online foreign currency exchange services that provide customers with the comfort of anywhere, quickly, safely, and legally help allay travellers’ anxiety.

Foreign exchange is an essential need for people travelling, studying and working abroad.

With its fast processing and convenience, HDBank's forex buying service on Internet Banking is popular. — Photo courtesy of HDBank

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The State Bank of Vietnam has for a long time required credit institutions to meet people's legitimate foreign currency needs, but there are persistent fears that legal transaction points have cumbersome procedures, making people anxious.

But with the technological evolution in the banking sector now customers can buy foreign currencies online and get it delivered quickly at the most convenient place of their choice.

Vinh of HCM City’s District 7 said: “My family likes to travel abroad, and so we regularly have demand for foreign currency. In the past, every time I bought foreign currency, I felt very tired because I had to find a reliable source since I was afraid of being cheated or fined in case of an illegal source.

“Recently my wife found an easy way of buying foreign currency: online. We can now buy foreign currency in cash through Internet Banking and on the way to the airport, and we stop at a transaction point to get money. It’s so convenient."

This is an online service under HDBank’s ‘Ngoại tệ trao tay – Mình cùng bay nhé’ programme, he said.

The bank offers three currencies: USD, AUD and EUR. Customers need to log in to HDBank's Internet Banking, click on Payment, select Buy foreign currency, and choose the location to receive the money.

The foreign currency is prepackaged and customers can get it in less than three minutes after they arrive at the transaction point.

HDBank has a large network with more than 330 branches and transaction offices across the country. It has initially deployed foreign currency payments in cash at more than 82 locations, including near the airport such as in Trường Sơn in HCM City (300m from Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport) and Hoàn Kiếm and Hai Bà Trưng in Hà Nội (city downtown).

A customer receives foreign currency in cash at HDBank Trường Sơn, 300m from Tân Sơn Nhất Airport in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of HDBank

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With the bank’s large network, customers can find an extremely convenient place to obtain the foreign exchange in cash no matter what route they take.

Besides good feedback from retail customers, the bank's online foreign currency transaction service has also deeply appreciated by many businesses for its speed, security, competitive exchange rate, and incentives.

For instance, when participating in the ‘Giao dịch Online – Ưu đãi cực High’ programme from now until October 15, corporate customers buying or selling foreign currencies on HDBank’s Internet Banking will enjoy rebates and bonuses of up to VNĐ7 million (US$295).

HDBank is also offering fee reductions of up to VNĐ10 million ($421) for businesses opening an account for the first time.

Customers thus have the opportunity to get fee waivers of up to VNĐ17 million if they are opening an account for the first time and carrying out foreign currency transactions of more than $10,000 a month.

In both 2020 and 2021 HDBank was in the list of Top 5 Most Volume Traded on FX Matching, according to Refinitiv, one of the world’s largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure.

HDBank's online foreign currency buying services has answered the question of where to buy foreign currency quickly and legally.

Their unique advantages and convenience encourage people to get into a habit of buying foreign exchange through legal channels.

Customers can get detailed information at or hotline 19006060.