Booking cheap flight tickets through HDBank

September 22, 2022 - 10:37
Choosing the airline, and watching time, date and many other things to hunt for a cheap flight ticket, why are we so hard?

“Cheap flight tickets” has become one of the top searches these days. It is easy to find hundreds of tips to find cheap tickets on the internet. Most of them are "awesome” tips that challenge one’s patience. 

But there are many easy ways to buy cheap airline tickets.

Open HDBank account, get 10% discount on Vietjet tickets

From now through the end of November 2022, when paying for Vietjet Air tickets by scanning QR codes on the HDBank App, users will get up to a 10 per cent discount on tickets.

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To enjoy the offer, users only need to register to open an HDBank account through the HDBank app or at the website

After their bank accounts are approved, they can book flight tickets on the Vietjet Air website or app and choose to pay by scanning the QR code on HDBank App. 

A customer will get a maximum discount of VNĐ100,000 and one time. 

More information about the programme is available at :

Instructions for booking cheap flight tickets through HDBank

Get HDBank Vietjet Platinum credit card, enjoy 25% discount on Vietjet

People using the HDBank Vietjet Visa Platinum international credit card to buy tickets on the Vietjet app or website for the first time will get a discount of 25 per cent up to a maximum of VNĐ1 million.

They will get a discount of 5 per cent for subsequent purchases.

They will have the privilege of checking in at Vietjet's priority counters at airports and enjoy global travel insurance up to VNĐ11 billion covering personal accidents, delayed luggage, and global medical assistance.

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Besides, cardholders can get unlimited 0.3 per cent cashback for other spending, zero per cent- interest instalments, annual fee waiver for the first year, thousands of incentives of up to 50 per cent discounts on travelling, healthcare, shopping, and others from HDBank's prestigious partners.

Customers can register for an HDBank Vietjet Platinum credit card online, and do not need to furnish any documents, at

HDBank's customers can easily buy foreign currency in cash through Internet Banking and receive the money at the most convenient location.

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HDBank is also a pioneer in creating many unique experiences, focusing on increasing customers’ comforts during each trip.

HDBank customers can now buy foreign currency in cash through Internet Banking and receive it at the most convenient location. On their way to the airport, customers only need to stop at a bank transaction point to receive the prepackaged foreign currency in less than three minutes.

It can be seen that the new products and services offered by the bank are helping create a new and unique lifestyle for customers.

Travel is no longer a luxury; trips no longer cause mental worries and fatigue because of billions of other things.