For buyers of Phu My Hung properties, only peace of mind and no legal worries

September 20, 2022 - 15:55
The Phu My Hung City Centre in HCM City’s District 7 is well known as an ideal living place and a top priority for homebuyers.

The Phu My Hung City Centre in HCM City’s District 7 is well known as an ideal living place and a top priority for homebuyers.

Besides providing a green environment and sustainable architecture, Phu My Hung is one of few developers with a good reputation among customers.

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Firstly, no Phu My Hung project has ever been delayed in the 30 years since its establishment despite a volatile market.

Secondly, purchasing procedures, product consultation and others are done by the company’s own staff at the Phu My Hung’s real estate transaction office.

So customers are guaranteed complete and accurate information about the project legality, purchase and sale procedures and sample contracts and can rest assured about and clearly understand the products they buy.

Thirdly, Phu My Hung’s strictly complied with legal regulations to safeguard the interests of customers.

For instance, in the case of regulations related to selling apartments to foreigners, Phu My Hung will maintain statistics and closely monitor the number of foreign buyers.

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If the number is close to the legally allowed ceiling of 30 per cent, the company will notify customers so that they clearly understand the situation.

And when units are sold in the secondary market, if the product is still managed by Phu My Hung real estate, the company will also update data on foreign buyers. Customers will also be provided with the relevant information.

Finally, when condos are handed over, the developer will support customers with procedures to apply for the certificate of house ownership and residential land use rights (pink book).

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Normally, customers will receive their pink books after application with all document finished as follow legal.

Besides legal issues and transparency, condo owners also enjoy many other advantages at Phu My Hung.

In this urban area, amenities and services fully meet residents’ needs, and most of them are designed to be within walking distance from buildings.

The amenities and services, mostly provided by international brands and owners, are diverse enough to meet the demands of 50,000 residents, 50 per cent of whom are foreigners.

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Security is a highlight of the Phu My Hung City Centre. There are around 1,000 security guards employed by the company and by security services companies it hires.

Besides, a network of 4,000 connected cameras keeps the entire area under observation.

These are all important requirements for homebuyers, especially if they are foreigners.

This is because many projects in Việt Nam are behind schedule now. At many projects, customers cannot sign contracts to buy houses immediately, and at some, they have to wait for a long time.

In other cases, when the number of houses sold to foreigners reaches the ceiling, the developer recommends that homebuyers could opt for the long-term rental option.

Such troubles strongly affect customers’ interests.

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Box: Phu My Hung The Horizon condos will be up for the first sale on September 24. It is only the second project to be offered for sale after the construction is almost complete. Since it is more than 70 per cent finished, customers can easily see how it will actually look when completed and check out a model house on its 18th floor. Customers will be advised by the developer’s own staff at Phu My Hung’s real estate transaction office.

- Address: 801 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, District 7
- Phone number: 028 54118888
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