Khai Hoan Land's vision for the future

September 16, 2022 - 16:00
One of the outstanding projects launched by Khai Hoan Land at the end of this year is the stone bench project. Inspired by the idea of ​​spreading the spirit of business initiatives for young people, the company launched a project that advertises the images and brands of famous young businesses.

Secondly, through the project, Khai Hoan Land also wants to have the opportunity to connect with organisations and individuals that are contributing to society widely.

"The stone bench" project

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The company's leadership nurtured the stone bench project many years ago. Nguyen Khai Hoan said he wishes to be able to carry out projects to spread the fire and enrich the spirit of young Vietnamese people.

"I see many young Vietnamese people capable with good ways of thinking. If you are willing to study hard to develop your business and career, you will undoubtedly contribute to the country. Many young Vietnamese are currently studying abroad, but when they return home, they accept office jobs with a stable income," said Khai Hoan.

"Seeing such a reality, I wish I could do a particular project. Help many young people with a vision confidently step out of their comfort zone, live and donate with the suitable capacity."

The stone bench project is expected to start at the end of December this year, and according to the company's information, the project will last until 2025.

Khai Hoan Land's campaign will hit two dimensions, and the stone benches will be etched with quotes from famous people.

In addition to the famous quotes of great authors, writers, and artists, there will also be the favourite sayings of prominent contemporary businessmen. Firstly, Khai Hoan Land will call on young Vietnamese businesses operating in many fields to register for the project as a way to develop their brand. Secondly, it will connect with units including members, schools, hospitals, and government offices to order stone benches.

According to information from the company's president, Khai Hoan will connect with high schools in the country and major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and organise projects for members who greatly influence society. The project will both call for communication and progress in various phases. If favourable, the project will end early in 2025, or possibly after.

About Khai Hoan Land

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Khai Hoan Land is a business unit in real estate and construction works. Established in 2009, the company started to develop with increasingly significant production capital and entered the stock market in 2021.

Khai Hoan Land has become a symbol. A young business that has achieved awe-inspiring business results in the country, which demonstrates the company founder's executive, business, and executive power.

Company owner Khai Hoan said: "The development of Khai Hoan Land is part efforts of all employees of our company. I am grateful to my friends and colleagues who have given their best efforts to the company's development over the years. I also thank my customers and partners for trusting and entrusting the work we receive".

"I also went through a difficult early stage in starting a business. Starting a business is hard, but the success you reap afterwards is delightful. You also may not get much help from anyone, but the best part is that you can help others to succeed like you.

"Along with the significant new development of Khai Hoan Land, we also recognise our games and our responsibilities. That is why I hope that projects such as the stone bench will become widespread and contribute to creating positive movements in the social and economic life of the country.

"With our orientation, I wish we become a leading large corporation in the country, contributing to fulfilling the responsibility and development goals simultaneously in both economic and social aspects.

"We put importance on both objectives because if economic development is not linked with active societies, then the business lacks a place in our hearts and that growth is also not meaningful solid quality. Sometimes someone can contribute to society but does not receive any economic benefits in return. In this case, they have a limited voice, making it difficult to be respected by customers and partners."

To achieve development standards and retain critical social responsibilities, Khai Hoan Land aims to build social community projects in parallel with consulting for economic projects. One of the contents considered an essential point in community outreach of Khai Hoan Land is to promote reading and business culture to enrich young people.

The vision of Khai Hoan Land

Vietnam has many advantages to becoming a developed power in the region, benefitting from its geographical position, natural resources, and human resources. Anyone has the chance to rise and master life. Like Khai Hoan Land, we hope to reach even further, affirming our brand position.

Not only becoming a strong brand in the country but also contributing to enhancing the image and name of the country in the international arena, the company focuses on investing in key real estate projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and building new projects in cities with great potential for development, such as Nghe An and Vinh Long.

With a vision for the next 10 years, Khai Hoan Land aims to become the country's leading real estate corporation and a trusted brand of domestic and foreign partners when they want to invest in the Vietnamese market.

The stone bench project is also an investment opportunity to help foreign brands quickly develop in the Vietnamese market. Don't hesitate to get in touch online at or email