Viva Land Hosts ‘Harmony In Balance’ Art Night

September 12, 2022 - 09:59
Viva Land (VN) Management & Development JSC (Viva Land) held an art night – “Harmony in balance” at The Reverie Saigon Hotel in HCM City with the participation of many of its partners and customers.

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“Viva Land - Harmony in balance” Art Night brings both Eastern and Western cultures through the artistic performances.

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Through the artistic performances at the event Viva Land wished to deliver the message that a harmonious combination of traditional cultural values and modern style helps it stay creative and innovative to keep up with the times. Meanwhile, Viva Land also inherits the traditional beauty and combines both Eastern and Western cultures to create the balance and sustainability. This is the spirit that Viva Land pursues in its value - creation journey.

Mr Chen Lian Pang, Chairman of Viva Land, said: “Sustainable development is the goal that Viva Land prioritises in its mission to become a leading international real estate development and management company, creating high-class, green and sustainable living spaces for the community to develop and prosper. So, in line with the trends of the times, Viva Land will consistently create masterpieces that have a harmonious combination of modernity and traditional cultural and spiritual values.”

Chen Lian Pang, chairman of Viva Land makes a speech at the event, affirming that stable development is a key goal that Viva Land pursues in developing luxury real-estate products in Viet Nam

According to Mr Chen Lian Pang, property buyers nowadays look not just for a project with high quality, but also for innovation, sustainability and healthy environment. “That is the sustainable and luxurious living that Viva Land is now pursuing” he said.

On the occasion, he also introduced Viva Land’s Service Excellence Unit. The service and experience, he said, would help create an emotional connection between the company’s products and their buyers. Thus, Viva Land has a dedicated Service Excellence team to provide the highest level of service at every customer touchpoint, and understand customers’ needs and how to best develop offerings. “We believe that excellent service has to be taken care by our Viva Land people. Therefore, Viva Land embraces a culture of Service Excellence that connects all mindsets and actions of our people. And that is the Viva Land way”.

Viva Land introduces the front-line staffs’ attire of the Service Excellence Unit established to provide the highest level of service at every customer touchpoint.

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To do this, the company has adopted the three P’s approach to its services: consistently invest in People, constantly improve the Process, and always innovate Products to deliver a great customer experience.

Mr. Chen shared: “With that we are confident of taking Viva Land ahead of the competition. One of the demonstrations of the excellence notion tonight is the debut of our front-line staffs’ attire. We believe that ladies and gentlemen should serve ladies and gentlemen, and we dress excellently to serve excellently.”

At the event, Viva Land also announced the core values of the company, RESPONSIBILITY, TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE which are imbued in each of its members, actions, and products. These core values will not change when placed in a harmonious balance between new and old and tradition and modernity, and will be guidelines for the company and its partners to work together towards common goals.

Viva Land is officially launched in Viet Nam with core values of Responsibility, Teamwork , Integrity and Excellence.

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Though Viva Land is a new entrant in the market, it has a very strong team of experienced international experts with over 30 years of experience in Vietnam and other regions, ranging from commercial and residential to township developments.

“Therefore, we are confident in our capability to bring more remarkable projects to Vietnam and enhance the real estate landscape,” Chen said.

“With the launch of Viva Green, our CSR brand, this year, we will introduce several community projects. This is one of our initiatives to be a socially and environmentally sustainable corporation, and we hope to continue our journey towards social engagement in the communities we operate in.”

With its keenness to pursue a harmonized balance between high class and sustainable values, Viva Land plans to introduce more high-class projects to the market soon. 

Founded in 2020 by a team of internationally experienced real estate experts, Viva Land aims at creating best-in-class, green, and sustainable spaces for generations and communities to prosper.

Currently, the company is developing and managing more than 1,500 hectares of land and more than 18,000 apartments and houses across Vietnam.

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