Legendary dragon inspires IFC One Saigon’s façade

August 31, 2022 - 11:00
The biggest triangle panel in IFC One Saigon project is 3450x480mm with a weight of up to 500 kilograms. Due to severe weather conditions and strong winds from the Saigon River, many flexible solutions have been offered to achieve the construction progress.

The IFC One Saigon project recently has had a new lease on life, drawing the public’s attention. The price of an apartment is rumoured to be VND1 billion per square meter as the project is in a prime location in downtown HCMC. IFC One Saigon is expected to become a new landmark in HCMC and the country at large.

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The glass façade of the IFC One Saigon has a design looking like “dragon scales.” Glass panels for the project are provided by BM Windows, while the project’s contractor is Cofico.

The project was Saigon M&C invested by Saigon M&C Joint Stock Company. Then, its name was changed to Saigon One Tower.

It was abandoned for a long time, but the project renamed IFC One Saigon has been revived by Viva Land Investment Development Holdings Joint Stock Company.

Inspired by the legendary “Dragon” in Vietnamese folklore, the 185-meter façade of IFC One is assembled from thousands of layers of curtain walls and triangular panels to create an artistic gradient effect of dragon scales.

The most extensive triangular panel in the project is 3450x4800 mm, with a weight of up to 500 kg. Additionally, severe weather conditions and high wind pressure from the riverbank required the BM WINDOWS team to propose many new construction solutions to adapt to the construction progress.

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The façade featuring the triangle glass panels reflects the beautiful blue sky. Moreover, workers in the construction have beautified the project.

IFC One Saigon is scheduled to be completed in 2023. It has a total area of 6,672 square meters, a gross floor area of 124,100 square meters, and a height of 195 meters with 43 storeys.

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The project has been revived thanks to the record construction progress charge by BM WINDOWS – a spectacularly leading façade contractor in the country.

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The two layers of façade are constructed over more than 40 days, with round-the-clock construction progress. IFC One Saigon will soon be a new highlight in Saigon.

Aside from IFC One Saigon, BM WINDOWS is also a façade contractor of many projects along the bank of Saigon River, such as The Sun, The Nexus, Hilton Saigon, The River Thu Thiem, Metropole 1,2,3, and Empire City.

BM WINDOWS is ever more prestigious and has further confirmed its leading position among facade contractors in the country.