Hon Thom: from iconic to sublime constructions

August 22, 2022 - 10:11
Being the epitome of Phu Quoc Island – one of the top 25 worldwide destinations voted by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Hon Thom crystallizes the natural beauty and prosperous lifestyle cultivated by local architectural masterpieces and artistically enhanced living experiences.

Being the epitome of Phu Quoc Island – one of the top 25 worldwide destinations voted by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Hon Thom crystallizes the natural beauty and prosperous lifestyle cultivated by local architectural masterpieces and artistically enhanced living experiences.

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   "Mini Phu Quoc" or Vietnam's Bora Bora

If Phu Quoc is the place gathering iconic works of an urban lifestyle, Hon Thom is the island of architectural masterpieces carrying the soul of a unique and prosperous lifestyle.

Talking about the iconic works that depict the urban "face" of Phu Quoc, we must mention the Mediterranean town, a beautiful and colourful ancient coastal city, of which the 'Sun Signature Gallery' conference event centre looks like a Mid-Century modern art museum, and 'Cau Hon' (Proposal) is an architectural masterpiece with a magnificent and inspiring design.

However, all the above are not enough to make Phu Quoc attractive to the global elite; we must mention Hon Thom - an island built to be a paradise for the elite, with unique architectural works.

Hon Thom connects to Phu Quoc island through the world's longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car system.

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Located in the south of Phu Quoc island, Hon Thom possesses a strength that islands in Vietnam rarely have.

We can see the scenery with fine white sand and clear blue water, a rich ocean ecosystem with 22 typical fish species and 116 rare coral species, including brain corals dated millions of years ago.

The connection to the vibrant centre in the south of Phu Quoc's big island is convenient when equipped with the most comprehensive three-wire cable car system across the sea worldwide.

With those strengths, Hon Thom is an island that's hard to find around the world that can become a fertile land to create an isolated paradise for the elite, like the world-famous Monaco, Bora Bora, or Maldives island.

Hon Thom Paradise Island resort complex establishes a world-class prosperous lifestyle in Phu Quoc

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Hon Thom is invested based on a successful formula of the world-famous paradise islands. It now possesses a marvellous natural landscape and creates a prosperous picture formed with a super world-class resort and the first entertainment and investment complex in Vietnam.

With a series of iconic works depicting the quintessential island lifestyle, Hon Thom Paradise Island promises to become the Bora Bora of Vietnam, offering a luxurious lifestyle enhanced by art for the Vietnamese elite.

Architectural masterpieces create iconic lifestyle

The 'Canh Buom' (Sail) Building at Bai Trao is the first architectural work representing Hon Thom island's magnificent and vibrant image. Constructed according to the shape of a windy sail reaching toward the ocean, this building has a 360-degree view from above.

It is a place to "open the eyes" for an infinite vision and wholesome feeling of majestic natural beauty. Commercial centres, infinity pools, sky clubs, and high-class spas bring a luxurious lifestyle with unique architectural beauty.

Canh Buom Building reaches out to the ocean.

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Not far away, the commercial district inspired by the beautiful villages of Santorini in Greece, is the very picture of a prosperous harbour.

With lights on in the shophouses and restaurants, the marina will be crowded with super yachts from across the ocean, and a helipad to welcome the planes of the super-rich.

Each elite resident here is a unique individual. This is why all villas on the hillside or along the cliffs are individually designed with the owner's imprint.

'The Sailing Bay' villa complex offers a "sea view" that the owners immerse themselves in among the high-class facilities; the 'Paradise Walk' commercial subdivision is reminiscent of boulevards like Champs-Elysees, Broadway or Myeongdong to satisfy the luxurious lifestyle of the elite.

The Paradise Walk subdivision is a part of Sun Festival Avenue

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With 106 shophouses across the axis of the largest square on Paradise Island, from East to West, Paradise Walk has a unique design harmonising indigenous culture with the modern.

The crossover of tropical nature and diverse functions creates a supremely impressive architectural complex. Just a few steps from the shophouses, the residents of Hon Thom island have access to a system of internal and external facilities, such as a coastal promenade, a swimming pool among the rocks, a coral restaurant, a dolphin bay, a healthcare centre, beach club, and sea sports centre.

Shining bright all day and night and bustling with festivals all year round, Hon Thom Paradise Island has become a "silk road", leading residents of this billionaire island to an iconic luxury lifestyle.

It is a lifestyle not only defined by luxurious services, optimal facilities, and top-notch tries but also brings experiences that are isolated, exclusive, and honour individuality.

Hon Thom is an ideal residence for exclusive residents, where living values are artistically enhanced.