Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion - An Ideal Second Home For The Whole Family

August 09, 2022 - 16:43
In the post-pandemic context, “second home” is among the most-searched keywords. More than an ordinary property, a beach second home delivers immeasurable benefits to physical and mental health while improving family cohesion.

Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion - An Ideal Second Home For The Whole Family

In the post-pandemic context, “second home” is among the most-searched keywords. More than an ordinary property, a beach second home delivers immeasurable benefits to physical and mental health while improving family cohesion.

For savvy home-buyers and investors, among various choices on the market, a unique project like Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion remains highly sought-after since it is one of the few developments to inherit the advantages of a world-class integrated resort in Southeast Asia.

As a result, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion customers can enjoy top-notch perks that meet the relaxation, entertainment, and adventure needs of multi-generational families.

Convenient access by private car makes Ixora Ho Tram even more attractive

In recent years, Ho Tram has emerged among the most attractive Vietnamese tourist destinations thanks to its year-round warm climate and fresh air, along with the advantage of transport infrastructure that easily connects visitors to Ho Chi Minh City and neighbouring provinces.

The changing consumer behaviour of the middle and upper classes in Vietnam also ensures that the Ho Tram market is vibrant. With the number of holidays increasing and the gap between trips narrowing, many high-income families in big cities prefer to own a beach second home instead of paying for short-term rentals.

The increase in the number of HNWIs in Vietnam also means that the rate of car ownership is at a high level, and the country has the fourth-largest auto market in the ASEAN region. A private car provides freedom, safety and comfort while also saving time, especially given the well-developed transport infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.

Being just two hours from Ho Chi Minh City by car is an essential advantage of Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion

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As a result, homeowners can effectively manage their travel time. In just two hours, they can enjoy the endless beauty of Ho Tram’s pristine beach and expansive forest, leaving the troubles of the noisy city behind.

Studies show that when you change your setting and go to the beach, all of your senses are engaged. This can improve your mental state and increase feelings of relaxation. In addition, once Long Thanh International Airport is completed, it will take just 50 minutes to reach Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion by car.

An ideal vacation home for multi-generational families

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. According to the World Happiness Report, the rate of mental disorders is likely to increase at an alarming rate by 2030. At the same time, researchers recommend that people spend more time at the beach to improve their mental health. A National Trust study found that breathing in sea air helps you sleep better. It found that people sleep on average for 47 minutes longer the night after a decent seaside walk, compared to only an additional 12 minutes for those who went on an inland walk of a similar length.

Studies show that in public areas of large cities, the average cubic centimetre (cm3) of air contains 10-20 anions - a type of “air vitamin” that improves lung function, increases sympathetic nervous functions, makes people feel happy, and increases red blood cell count. This rate in an average living room is 40-50 anions/cm3, while in a park, there are 100-200 anions/cm3. Near the sea, on the other hand, there are up to 10,000 anions/cm3. A beach vacation home like Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion is an invaluable asset for all family members to improve their health.

All condotels have an open sea view with fresh air inside.

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Owning a home at Ixora Ho Tram means total relaxation

Under the Fusion Hotel Group’s professional management, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion creates trust among future homeowners, giving them more time to relax and enjoy.

Moreover, within just a few steps, multi-generational families can access the amenities of the world-class integrated resort, The Grand Ho Tram Strip. The Bluffs, the golf course designed by the “Great White Shark” Greg Norman, meets the strict standards set by professional international tournaments.

It is the top choice for businesspeople to reduce stress levels, improve self-esteem and confidence, or grow their circle of new friends and clients. A selection of 15 restaurants at the 5-star InterContinental Grand Ho Tram Hotel ensures that homeowners can enjoy the best Asian and European cuisines.

Meanwhile, the spa area is a favourite perk for women, while the array of swimming pools at the InterContinental Grand Ho Tram and Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is an excellent choice for the whole family.

Enjoy the endless entertainment space of Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion.

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Exciting beach activities like volleyball, football, jogging, or enjoying the bustling clubs and lounges in the resort are the best choice for young guests. And for movie fans, the cinema box is perfect for enjoying blockbuster movies with friends and family in a modern screening room.

Meanwhile, your family members can also channel their inner shower voice in the high-end rooms at the Jukebox Karaoke. The Grand Ho Tram Strip is not just for adults, as the youngest guests can enjoy unforgettable moments with kid’s clubs, game centres, children’s swimming pools, and a new water park about to open.

With all of these amenities combined, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion is the ideal “all-in-one” destination for all family members.