Tourism ecosystems awaken long-held dream

August 08, 2022 - 12:07
Many places have been changed dramatically, becoming more beautiful day by day thanks to the huge contribution of visionary investors in tourism over the past decade.

Many places have been changed dramatically, becoming more beautiful day by day thanks to the huge contribution of visionary investors in tourism over the past decade.

Sun World Fansipan Legend

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Lands beautiful thanks to tourism

Despite many efforts to promote tourism, the misty town of Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province) was quiet and peaceful, with only a few hundred thousand visitors a year in 2015. However, only one year after the inauguration of the Fansipan cable car project, Sa Pa, for the first time, welcomed more than 1 million visitors.

There was an increase of 144 per cent in the number of visitors to Lao Cai Province from 2016-2019. At the end of 2019, its tourism revenue reached VND 19.2 trillion, four times higher than in 2016.

In 2021, Hau A Lenh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Vice President and General Secretary of the 13th Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, made comments on the developments.

He said: "As the project of the century, Sun World Fansipan Legend has greatly contributed to promoting the development of tourism in Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai, particularly over the last five years." 

Sa Pa has now completely changed into a great destination with a large number of high-class projects, including Hotel De La Couple, Mgallery Sa Pa, the magnificent spiritual and architectural complex, Muong Hoa mountain train, the largest rose valley in Vietnam, and the four-season flower gardens.

There are also cultural events culture, tourism, and other attractive sports such as the "Horse Hooves on the Cloud" race, "Dance on the Clouds" show, and the Rose Festival. Moreover, World Travel Awards honoured the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area for two consecutive years (2019-2020).

Once considered a "transhipment station" with hamlets along the Han River, Da Nang's popularity has now reached an international position. At present, Da Nang is not only the destination of the international fireworks festival but also famous for unique accommodation and products, including InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort as the most luxurious resort in the world; Golden Bridge as the world's leading iconic tourist bridge; and Sun World Ba Na Hills as the world's leading theme park.

After years of temporary suspension of operations because of the COVID pandemic, Da Nang tourism continues to shine through a wide range of new products and services such as the Sun God Waterfall (Helios Waterfall), Time Gate, and Moon Castle and the Battle of the Moon Kingdom show.

In addition to Lao Cai and Da Nang, over the past decade, tourism in many provinces in Vietnam, such as Phu Quoc, Quang Ninh, Tay Ninh, and Thanh Hoa, has been undergoing breakthroughs. The involvement of strategic investors such as Sun Group has changed many destinations with a new and high-class appearance.

Sun World Ba Na Hills

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The rise of tourism after the pandemic and the role of large corporations 

The global tourism industry has just experienced an unprecedented earthquake because of the pandemic. Vietnam's economic loss from tourism in the past two years has pushed back the most dynamic and fastest-growing financial sector for decades. However, a temporary suspension of operations is a time to incubate ideas.

While thousands of enterprises struggle to maintain operation or must be dissolved or redirected to other enterprises, some tourism enterprises have taken advantage of this to "turn risks into opportunities."

Sun Group is a prime example. The enterprise grasped a golden opportunity to introduce many new products in many provinces across Vietnam.

With the support of strategic investors, destinations are gradually "reviving" and breaking through after the severe impacts of the pandemic. Sun World Phu Quoc (Phu Quoc) is probably the brightest spot on the tourism map in the new normal period by welcoming many arrivals in June 2022, with an increase of over 130 per cent over the same period in 2019.

After two years of economic hibernation due to the pandemic, Sa Pa tourism has reached a more rapid development than ever. In June 2022 alone, Sa Pa welcomed a "record" number of visitors over the same period in 2019, an impressive recovery after the severe impacts of the pandemic.

Da Nang quickly reached new milestones in tourism in the first six months of 2022. The total number of guests staying was estimated at 1.3 million, an increase of 33.7 per cent over the same period in 2021.

There were 58,000 international tourists, about 69 per cent of the same period in 2021 and about 1.27 million domestic tourists, an increase of 39.6 per cent over the same period last year.

"Da Nang is a tourism development model aiming at facilitating the development of the whole business community, not only large corporations, thereby showing their leading role," said Assoc. Professor Tran Dinh Thien at Conference on developing Da Nang on June 26.

"Any locality seeking to become a developed province in the future should hunt for 'eagles' rather than wait for them, which will help the locality become what it should be. Localities apply this principle, but not all are equally successful. The success depends on the choice of strategy."

Vietnam set its strategic goal for tourism to 2025 is to become an attractive destination, striving to be one of three leading countries in tourism development in Southeast Asia and one of the 50 leading tourism competitive countries in the world, with total revenue from tourists 77 - 80 billion USD. Vietnam's tourism industry is confident in reaching that goal with the companionship and support of strategic investors.