World-class theme parks a breakthrough in Vietnamese tourism

July 26, 2022 - 11:27
Tourists in Việt Nam can enjoy world-class entertainment experiences at theme parks achieving records that not all countries have. This affirms the position of a country with tourism growth in the top 3 in the world.

Tourists in Việt Nam can enjoy world-class entertainment experiences at theme parks achieving records that not all countries have. This affirms the position of a country with tourism growth in the top 3 in the world.

Theme park revolution in Việt Nam

The concept of theme parks in Việt Nam probably started when Sai Gon built Dam Sen Cultural Park (1976) and Suoi Tien Cultural Park (1995). In those years, the North still only had Thu Le Zoo, Bach Thao Park and Lenin Park, with a few games for children.

The rest were green parks in the capital. The Northern people headed to the South to play, going to Suoi Tien and Dam Sen as a mark of setting foot in Sai Gon. These are still two famous entertainment destinations of Sai Gon.

Over the past decade, the country’s tourism and entertainment have gone beyond cultural park models to approach international standards. Such a milestone was made when Ba Na Hills resort in Da Nang, now known as Sun World Ba Na Hills, was officially put into operation by Sun Group in 2009, entering the Guinness records Ba Na - Suoi Mo for its cable route.

The high-class show “Battle in the Moon Kingdom” on Ba Na peak makes tourists constantly admire it because of the elaborateness in the script, choreography, music and costumes.

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Just looking at Ba Na Hills is enough to see the non-stop entertainment tourism of our country. From ancient French-style castles to an indoor entertainment area ​​Fantasy Land, Ba Na Hills is a world of experiences that tourists can visit for two or three days.

The gardens and castles are beautiful, like in a fairy tale. The Golden Bridge is like a silk strip in the middle of the cloud and sky. The statue of Sun God Waterfall is like a corner of Peterhof – Russia’s “Summer Palace.” 

The virtual reality technology cinemas bring tourists to touch the clouds, fly in the hot desert and through the storms with amazingly realistic effects.

Right from its launch, Sun World Ba Na Hills opened a whole new chapter for the country to reach the entertainment tourism territory that has been so developed in the world with a system of famous parks such as Disneyland and Universal.

Experts from the World Travel Awards assessed that Sun World Ba Na Hills has the potential to compete with Disneyland Tokyo, Japan.

In 2021, the World Travel Awards awarded the World’s Leading Iconic Tourist Area and Asia’s Leading Theme Park 2021 to Sun World Ba Na Hills. Also, Sun Group’s entertainment brand, Sun World, was formed at Ba Na Hills.

Sun God Waterfall in Ba Na is an artefact of the famous sculptor family - Filli Gallery.

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Shaping the brand, elevating the destination

Zoos and botanical gardens have now raised the bar in the form of large-scale Safaris featuring animals from across the world.

In addition to large-scale cultural parks, there are now continental-class entertainment complexes such as Sun World, Vin Wonders. The Sun World system of Sun Group has also quickly expanded throughout the country.

Sun World Fansipan Legend in Sa Pa is marked with a record cable car route taking tourists over the Hoang Lien mountains to reach the top of Fansipan, with a magnificent spiritual complex among the clouds and mountains, with festivals and art shows imbued with the cultural colour of the Northwest highlands.

The Eagle Eye, with a 360-degree view, gives tourists a panorama vision of Hon Thom.

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Sun World Phu Quoc on Hon Thom island is famous for the world’s longest three-wire cable car across the sea and a diverse system of entertainment experiences from scuba diving to playing at Aquatopia Water Park, and a wooden roller coaster appearing for the first time in Việt Nam, or the Eagle Eye with a height of up to 120m with a 360-degree view at the Exotica Village.

In Ha Long (Quang Ninh), Sun World Ha Long is already too well-known for its system of three parks full of challenges and experiences, from the cable car to the bay to indoor games or sightseeing in the park on the top of Ba Deo mountain, as well the adventure games at Dragon Park and Typhoon Water Park.

Da Nang also has Sun World Ba Na Hills and Asia Park. Tay Ninh has Sun World Ba Den Mountain. Each Sun World is different, bringing its unique features to each region, taking world-class entertainment to each area and enlivening the experiences at each destination.

On every National Day or a big holiday, the whole country flocks to Ha Noi to go to Thu Le Zoo or Bach Thao Park, or to Sai Gon to play at a cultural park. Việt Nam has many international entertainment complexes with games you cannot find anywhere else.

From when tourism was still poor with just swimming or going to the mountains, and eating regional specialities, each region has now become more attractive because of amusement parks. These complexes also contribute significantly to the tourism revenue of each locality, as well as bringing international prestige.

Dragon’s Run in Dragon Park, Sun World Ha Long Complex

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From 2009 to 2018 when Da Nang had Sun World Ba Na Hills, the number of tourists to the city increased by 463 per cent, and tourists to Ba Na also stepped up by more than 160 times.

In the first six months of 2019, out of 4.3 million tourists to Da Nang, more than 50 per cent of tourists visited Ba Na. The world also recognised Sun World Ba Na Hills as Asia’s Leading Theme Park 2021.

Aquatopia Park at Hon Thom won the award of Asia’s Leading Water Park. Sun World Fansipan Legend was honoured as the world’s leading tourist area with natural attractions. 

Vietnamese people no longer have to go abroad to play in a world-class park - they can do it right here.