Tourism boom stimulates economic recovery

July 28, 2022 - 11:48
At the peak of summer, tens of millions of tourists are flocking to various destinations, an increase of many times over the same period in 2020. Tourism revenue has reached hundreds of trillions of VND, promoting the development of many other fields such as transportation, accommodation and food services

At the peak of summer, tens of millions of tourists are flocking to various destinations, an increase of many times over the same period in 2020. Tourism revenue has reached hundreds of trillions of VND, promoting the development of many other fields such as transportation, accommodation and food services

Summer peak - a milestone in tourism recovery

According to the latest report of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in the first six months of 2022, the country served about 60.8 million domestic tourists. In June alone, when the summer vacation began, the number of tourists was estimated at 12.2 million, a record number since COVID appeared.

Vibrant festivals have been held again, passengers are crowded at airports, hotels are "burned out", and bustling crowds of people at entertainment parks and attractions are blowing life to tourism.

Many destinations in the country have substantial tourist numbers and revenue growth, and Quang Ninh welcomed 5.5 million tourists, 2.2 times higher than last year. Sam So surpassed Ha Long, Nha Trang to become the leading tourist destination in the country in the first six months of the year.

The number of tourists was estimated at 4.4 million, 2.59 times higher than in 2021. Sam Son's attractions this summer include a series of exciting and classy events, festivals and entertainment, organised by the locality with the companionship of Sun Group.

Tourists immerse themselves in the hot atmosphere of the "Take me to the sun" music festival in Da Nang.

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While Sam Son becomes the centre of the North's festival, Da Nang blows life into Central tourism with a series of festivals and events such as Sun Fest Street Carnival, Music Festival combined with a firework performance in Asia Park.

Sun World Ba Na Hills is still the most attractive destination in the city by the Han River, because of its completely new appearance, with the Sun God Waterfall, which is like a corner of Peterhof – the "Summer Palace" of Russia or Moon Castle gathering high-tech cinemas and high-class shows with the "Battle in the Moon Kingdom."

Phu Quoc, in the first six months of the year, also welcomed 1.4 million tourists. Despite the rainy season, in June, the number of tourists to the "pearl island" still increased dramatically, with more than 140 flights, and more than 40 ferries.

Sun World Phu Quoc in Hon Thom also achieved a growth rate of over 130 per cent compared to the same period in 2019.

Tran Nguyen - Head of Sales Department of Sun World Group, said that Sun World destinations have started to receive many tourists on all days, not just holidays or weekends.

The total number of tourists to Sun Worlds nationwide in June 2022 had reached the growth rate of the same period in 2019 - before the pandemic.

"This is an extremely optimistic signal that tourism has been gradually returning to a state of full recovery after the severe effects of the pandemic over the past two years," Tran said.

Sam Son attracts tourists through jubilant events and festivals throughout the summer.

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Tourism revenue has risen, boosting economic recovery

Tourism is a general financial sector closely linked with other economic sectors. Before the pandemic, it approached a key economic industry when contributing 9.2 per cent to the country's GDP.

As soon as tourism returned, it immediately leads to the growth of other fields such as accommodation services, catering services, and transportation. According to the report of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, in the first six months of this year, the number of passengers through airports reached 40.7 million, up 56.8 per cent compared to the same period in 2021.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in the first six months of the year, travel revenue increased by 94 .4 per cent over the same period; revenue from accommodation services increased by 20.9 per cent in comparison with the same period.

Large travel companies across the country recorded a "boom" of tourists registering for summer tours, especially in July. The demand for hotels and resorts is still high. In summer 2022, Saigontourist is expected to serve more than 280,000 tourists, and this number may be higher because the demand for domestic and foreign tourism is still rising strongly.

BestPrice Travel said that the number of domestic tourists booking tours through the company grew by 120 per cent compared to before the pandemic. There were even routes where tourists increased from 130 to 150 per cent of before the pandemic, such as Quy Nhon, Phu Quoc, and Da Lat.

Bui Thanh Tu, Marketing Director of BestPrice Travel, said that tourism is experiencing a great boom after the pandemic, partly thanks to new products invested in destinations.

"In localities where businesses invest in entertainment parks, there will be many advantages to attract tourists. For example, Ha Long has Sun World Ha Long, and Da Nang has Sun World Ba Na Hills, Phu Quoc has VinWonders and Sun World Phu Quoc. Even the tourists' book services to mainly experience these amusement parks, swimming in the sea is only secondary," he said.

The Sun God Waterfall is one of the new products launched at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

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Before the pandemic, tourism created 2.9 million jobs, including 927,000 direct jobs. As a result, when tourism returns, it will lead to "great recruitment" of personnel. Thousands of unemployed workers can return to work before the pandemic, increasing their income and stabilising their lives.

Sun World tourist areas nationwide are forecast to need thousands of additional workers on an ever-growing scale. Sun World Ba Na Hills in 2025 may require up to 10,000 employees.

According to Hotel Job, a website specialising in recruitment for tourism, the demand for recruiting personnel in tourism when entering the summer doubled compared to the period before the 2022 Lunar New Year. 

The country's tourism is recovering quickly when in the first half of the year the number of domestic tourists achieved a level close to the expectation for the whole year.

The total revenue from tourism reached 265 trillion VND. Tourism also creates more jobs, contributes significantly to revenue, and plays a vital role in recovering the country's economy after being heavily affected by the pandemic.