CT Group win absolutely at HR Asia Awards 2022 as a "Best Company To Work For In Asia"

August 14, 2022 - 13:05
HCM CITY — CT Group was honoured as one of the ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ by HR Asia Magazine, a prestigious and leading human resources magazine in Asia, at a ceremony in HCM City on August 11.

HCM CITY — CT Group was honoured as one of the ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ by HR Asia Magazine, a prestigious and leading human resources magazine in Asia, at a ceremony in HCM City on August 11.

Nguyễn Thị Tiền Phương, deputy director of CT Group’s community human resources department, receives the ‘Best Company to Work for in Asia’ award at a ceremony in HCM City on August 11. — Photo courtesy of the company

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It was for the second time after the first in 2020 that CT Group was getting this prestigious award, and this year it surpassed nearly 600 companies in Việt Nam to achieve the highest score of 4.68/5 (94 per cent).

The score is 25 per cent higher than the average for businesses across Asia in 2022 and much higher than the average in Việt Nam.

Given annually in various countries in Asia, the awards seek to honour businesses that have the best workplace. 

The winning companies are selected through an extremely rigorous evaluation process based on the Total Engagement Assessment Model  (TEAM) survey to measure applicants’ employee satisfaction with the workplace environment via a set of criteria including Core, Self and Group.

Core (Collective Organisation for Real Engagement) assesses culture, discipline, management capacity, leadership, and agile initiatives; Self (Heart, Mind, Soul) assesses the level of cohesion, pride and emotion at work; and Group (Think, Feel, Do) measures the level of cooperation of members with businesses.

At the awards ceremony, Nguyễn Thị Tiền Phương, deputy director of CT Group’s community human resources department, said: "CT Group is extremely proud to become one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022. 

“Our company focuses on comprehensive human development ranging from spiritual life to dignity, skills and life styles, beside promoting economic development to achieve prosperity for all members and their families, as part of ‘360-degree policy’ - a policy that cares for the development of physical and spiritual life in all aspects. 

“On the 30th anniversary of its establishment, CT Group has awarded attractive ESOP stock bonuses to employees, with even a chauffeur getting stocks equal to VNĐ10 billion (US$424,988) [when the company makes an IPO in future], and life insurance for billions of đồng.

CT Group has made efforts to create the best welfare policies and working environment for employees. — Photo courtesy of the company

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“The market is always impressed with CT Group since it awards cars to employees every year, and the staff are happy in an open and especially caring environment. At the workplace, employees also have the opportunity for physical training to improve health and lead a positive life. 

“CT Group regularly organises entertainment activities, social participation, tours, and vacations every year. CT Group Caravan is one of the important activities to build its corporate culture. It is inspired by a [similar] programme at the West Point Military Academy in the US, which has trained many global leaders.

“If you like community activities, CT Group offers an opportunity for all of you to join hands in meaningful social activities daily to support poor and disadvantaged people in society. The core value of CT group has been to be a corporation for the community right from the early days of its establishment. 

“For young people who love hi-tech, CT Group will open the doors for them to access the latest technologies from the world and enter the future of industry 4.0. The catchphrase from veteran employees is that ‘CT Group is a place where ordinary employee can become great people’.”

Three decades after its establishment, with its second 30-year plan, CT Group aims to have 25,000 employees by 2025. It is attracting a lot of outstanding talent from home and abroad, including foreigners and overseas Vietnamese, in various fields such as technology (cell tech, fintech, AI, protech, flytech, clean energy), finance, construction, and sales – marketing as it seeks to diversify its talent pool and fulfil its technological transformation strategy at all 50 subsidiaries with offices in many countries around the world.

Winning the award for ‘Best Companies to work for in Asia’ for a second time not only attests to CT Group’s position but also proves its solid preparation for the upcoming global integration, becoming more "classic, qualified, and differentiated"in creating an ideal and desirable working environment.