Explaining 'the heat' of Da Nang's summer tourism

August 19, 2022 - 13:59
Like a symbolic phoenix being reborn after two years of the epidemic, Da Nang tourism is having a brilliant summer with constant changes and new unique experiences. It holds the throne as King of Vietnam’s tourism industry. No place is more deserving of such a title.

Like a symbolic phoenix being reborn after two years of the epidemic, Da Nang tourism is having a brilliant summer with constant changes and new unique experiences.

It holds the throne as King of Vietnam’s tourism industry. No place is more deserving of such a title.

“Reborn fire phoenix"

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Da Nang is likened to a ‘fire phoenix’ of Vietnam’s tourism industry that has been spectacularly “reborn” from the ashes of the COVID pandemic.

The revival of Da Nang’s tourism industry officially started over April 30 - May 1 this year when the city welcomed more than 254,000 visitors, equivalent to 3.4 times compared to the same period in 2021.

Since then, Da Nang's tourism has been a fire burning non-stop throughout the summer.

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Within the first six months of 2022, the number of visitors arriving in the city reached 1.32 million, increasing 33.6 per cent over the same period in 2021.

Significant tourist areas and attractions, such as Sun World Ba Na Hills, welcomed more than 760,000 visitors, four times higher than in 2021.

Da Nang tourism during the first half of 2022 has received plenty of international awards and titles, including ‘Top 25 most popular destinations in Asia’, announced by TripAdvisor.

It was also verified by the Tourism Advisory Council (TAB) as the leading area in the country, based on the competitiveness index of all provincial tourism destinations in Vietnam.

The festive season

From the beginning of June to the present, various festivals and events have been held within the framework of the Danang Summer Enjoyment Festival 2022.

Da Nang has learned to renew itself and even bring fresh colours and experiences, inheriting the characteristics of the Han River.

On a summer day in Da Nang, especially during weekends, visitors will be able to catch the sunrise by My Khe beach, swim around, travel to the top of Ba Na to visit, enjoy the art show Battle in the Kingdom Moon, and experience the B’estival Food and Beer Festival in Ba Na.

In the evening, you can go down the central streets of My Khe beach to feel THE Sun Fest Street Carnival. Da Nang has created a brilliant summer for every visitor.

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Standing out among the events and festivals in Da Nang is the ‘Take me to the Sun’ series of events. They bring many forms of entertainment, from a Street Carnival to a pure music and electronic music festival, with lots of food and beer

For five weeks, with two sessions held per week, from June 25 to July 24, the Sun Fest Street Carnival enhanced the bustle and excitement across the streets of My Khe beach.

Tourists can experience live music, model cars displaying iconic destinations, performances of happy Vietnamese dancers in typical colourful costumes of famous tourist destinations, and international dancers with exciting moves.

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But the utmost experience must be the ‘Take Me to the Sun’ Music Festival, which took place on July 9.  More than 200,000 spectators joined the party of sounds, lights, and fireworks. The image of a vibrant Da Nang has been portrayed through the musical melodies in various genres with joy, radiance, and enthusiasm.

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On August 13-14, Da Nang was on fire with two nights of the “Time Gate” EDM Festival, welcoming the participation of big names and the world’s top DJs.

More than 8,000 spectators gathered at Sun Wheel Square - Asia Park, drunk with vibrant electronic sounds. This is a fresh feel of Da Nang, a youthful place full of fire.

Exploding with flavours

Summer 2022 is also the season visitors to Da Nang can experience a sumptuous feast of culinary festivals.

There was a space full of traditional cuisine and international beer held at East Sea Park, from July 3 to 6, with a variety of unique Central cuisine stalls, and the exchange activity of cuisine with “Mi Quang,” the Asia Runner-up Masterchef 2015, making visitors tastebuds explode.

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And if you want to try a uniquely European flavour, you can have it right in Vietnam by going to Sun World Ba Na Hills. You can taste bustling Bavaria in distant Germany during the Oktoberfest festival.

The version of Oktoberfest held in Vietnam this year lasts until the end of August 2022. People can taste fragrant German draft beer and join the fun “Finding the Beer King” contest.

“Coming back after two years of the epidemic, I can see that Da Nang has recovered in it extremely unique. way This is why the city can still attract many tourists every year,” said Duong Van An from Hanoi.

Promising brilliant things

It is expected that from now to the end of 2022, Da Nang will continue to regenerate multiple times like a phoenix. The city refuses to be brilliant for just one summer and then disappear.

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On Vinh Cuu Square, amid the complex of ancient European architectural works constructed in Ba Na Hills, there is the magnificent Sun Waterfall sparkling with a golden colour and recreating classic works from prominent museums throughout the world.

A mysterious Moon Castle is designed by architects on an area of 3.8 hectares with four floors.

The inspiration comes from majestic fortresses from the Middle Ages, which will lead visitors into the fairy tales of a magical country. And there, the dailt ‘Battle of the Moon Kingdom’ show, telling visitors the story of the wise inhabitants’ journey fighting for this legendary land.

At the very end of July, after the launch of the new Moon Castle, Ba Na Hills officially opened Eclipse Square. On an ample space of more than 60,000 square meters, Eclipse Square brings all the experiences found in the world’s central squares.

On the way from Eclipse Square to Moon Castle, visitors will pass through the Volcano area where they are immersed in a high-tech show, combining special effects in sound, light, water, smoke and fire.

Along with the Volcano show, visitors can also witness the birth of many international-level art shows, such as the ‘Golden Rose’ or the flying Piano art show.

Many other attractive new projects will be cherished by Sun Group in Ba Na from now to 2025, promising to bring the visitors unique experiences.

In 2023, the International Fireworks Festival will also come back on stage, a sign of full recovery and more incredible jubilation in Han River city.

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The throne of Da Nang’s tourism cannot fall. In cooperation with large enterprises, the city is doing very well as a pioneering leader in developing new and unique tourism products.