August 18, 2022 - 11:30
Besides being the top supplier of domestic soymilk, Vinasoy continues to gain new achievements in the export segment thanks to its active expansion into international markets.

The pride of Vietnamese soy milk on the journey of reaching out to the ‘big sea’

Vinasoy has been a part of Vietnamese consumers’ healthy lives since 1997, and the brand has maintained the leading position in the instant soy milk industry for many consecutive years.

According to Nielsen, in August 2021, Vinasoy accounted for over 92 per cent market share of paper-packed soy milk nationwide.

Also, as stated by the global data analysis firm GlobalData UK, Vinasoy was named as the first and the only Vietnamese enterprise in the top 5 largest soy milk companies in the world for three years in a row, from 2018 to 2021.

If Vinasoy’s enduring journey of conquering local consumers and establishing a solid foothold in the domestic market is a tree that has been nurtured to set root solidly in the ground, that tree will continue to radiate strongly, paving the way for Vinasoy products to be exported to international markets.

Vinasoy products in Asian chain stores

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...and in Don Quijote store chains in Japan.

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Recently, Vinasoy has continued to debut the ‘made in Vietnam’ soy milk in major and promising markets by putting the products on shelves, making Vinasoy more and more prominent on the world dairy map.

Vinasoy products now can be found in nearly 200 Asian stores in the United States, Vietnamese convenience stores in Seoul and Ansan in Korea, 400 more Don Quijote stores in Japan, 10 Stop Mart convenience stores in Yangon – Myanmar’s capital, and two traditional markets in Bago.

This event is a sweet result and a continuation of the efforts with a sustainable development goal, investment, and business strategy. Previously, Vinasoy’s milestone of reaching out to the world began in 2020, with the products launching on 11 leading Chinese e-commerce platforms.

In 2021, Vinasoy’s products were officially available in Chinese and Japanese supermarkets. Moreover, Vinasoy has effectively covered most of Japan, with approximately 1,000 Asian stores and supermarkets spreading along 45/47 provinces.

The strength and vision of the dairy industry’s ‘giant.’

The United States, China, Korea, Japan, and Myanmar are core markets with huge consumption. Yet, there are hurdles related to product quality, severe inspection criteria in many countries, and tough competition from domestic and global companies.

Particularly, in the last two years, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused the production-supply chain to massive break down, making it more difficult for many businesses, and the conquering of other international markets of Vinasoy has shown the persistent efforts of the No.1 Vietnamese soy milk manufacturer.

To achieve this, the company has expanded raw material areas and has boosted investment in the production system, in addition to focusing on the key aspect of ensuring stable product quality and responding to strict international standards.

By using new technology lines, Vinasoy has spent many years researching consumer preferences and tastes, to improve products to fit the demands of each export market.

In addition, Vinasoy’s confidence is aided by careful planning, finding the proper strategy to solve pricing problems, distribution methods, brand identity development, and communication tactics, so the brand can successfully enter critical regional and international playgrounds.

Vinasoy has carefully studied target customers in exporting nations to adjust not only packaging requirements but also the flavour and other factors so that consumers can be easily approached.

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According to Vinasoy’s spokesman, exporting Vinasoy’s products to foreign markets is one of the steps in a long-term strategy and in-depth investment to ensure the company’s sustainable viability.

The successful entry into key markets has marked a significant step for Vinasoy in fostering an expansion of Vietnam’s soy milk industry, which has opened new opportunities to expand brand awareness worldwide.

After a quarter of a century , Vinasoy has maintained the image of an enterprise that is always moving forward and transforming for new opportunities.

From its core product, soy milk, Vinasoy has developed the plant-based nutrition business by launching its very first plant-based yogurt drink in Vietnam, Veyo Yogurt. This is a positive step toward consumer green food preferences post-COVID-19.

Veyo Yogurt is a pioneering step for Vinasoy in a new journey, conquering plant-based nutrition in the Vietnamese market.

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With 25-year of experience and achievements focusing on soybean product research and development, with full and thorough preparation investment in human resources, equipment, and raw materials, a solid premise for Vinasoy to enter a bigger market and explore more values and expand further in the industry.

With its strength and position, along with the spirit of being ‘always in the state of a start-up,’ Vinasoy’s soy milk and other high-nutritious products will undoubtedly reach consumers not only in Vietnam but also in other countries, lifting Vietnamese brands on the world map.