Vinhomes residents build green and clean living habits to enjoy healthy life

August 16, 2022 - 16:43
For years, Singapore has been well-known for being one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the world, with a community of citizens who always have green lifestyle habits and strict laws to protect the environment.

For years, Singapore has been well-known for being one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the world, with a community of citizens who always have green lifestyle habits and strict laws to protect the environment.

In Vietnam, there is a big urban area located in the East of Hanoi named Vinhomes Ocean Park that is not only outstanding in its size but also has ample green space and water surfaces that offers residents who live and work here strive to build tendency that creates a fresh and livable environment.

In developed countries, public transportation such as the metro, train or buses is very popular among generations. In Singapore, the proportion of people who choose buses accounts for 60 per cent of the entire public transport system.

Buses are a means of transport with up to 12 million passengers per day, for 50 per cent of total public transport in the UK.

At Vinhomes Ocean Park, VinBus - electric bus network becomes a reliable choice for residents and supplies transport needs for residents to move around the urban area as well as a variety of destinations throughout Hanoi.

Many residents start their new day or return home after a long day working using Vinbus instead of other means.

Minh H., a University Lecturer, said: “Before living in Cau Giay, I was afraid to take the bus because of carsickness, but especially I wanted to ride a motorbike as it is a quick travel choice. Since I came here with my son, we chose an electric bus to go around a few times. Luckily, I don’t feel carsick anymore. Now, wherever I go, my only choice is Vinbus, for a safe and healthy environment.”

VinBus is convenient and helps people who prefer public transport

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Not only VinBus, we often find people riding bicycles as their preferred transportation in Vinhomes Ocean Park.

With a total area of ​​420ha and construction density only counting for 19 per cent, this urban area with ​​​​green plants, water surface reaches up to 117ha, and is served by beautiful, poetic and wide lakeside streets helps residents have an ideal place to cycle, improving their health condition and forget all fatigue and stress, and reduce environmental pollution.

People ride bicycles on beautiful roads at Vinhomes Ocean Park

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In addition to using public transport or cycling, many residents in “Ocean District” also have the habit of walking. According to data from the World Health Organization in 2016, the impact of walking is beneficial for many diseases: 39 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer, 35 per cent reduction of type 2 diabetes, 27 per cent to 30 per cent less chance of a heart attack or stroke, and a 29 per cent fall for colorectal cancer.

Besides these benefits, walking and using electric buses also help save travel costs when gas prices increase. Moreover, the utilities of the urban area are arranged reasonably, allowing residents to conveniently walk from the apartment building to privilege amenities such as gym park, BBQ spot, children’s playground, 5-storey parking lot, Coral lake, Pearl lake, Lagoon lake, etc.

It could not be difficult to understand that at Vinhomes Ocean Park, many people choose to walk when moving inside the urban areas.

Hoang M., an office worker, said: “In the past when I stayed in the centre when I parked my car 500m away from my house, I also rode a motorbike to the parking area. Now in Ocean Park, I often leave my house 5 minutes earlier to walk to the park area and reap the benefits of walking and enjoying the fresh morning air.”

Residents often choose to walk when moving inside urban areas

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Besides the healthy habits of residents, Vinhomes Management Board also organises many programs that support green life, creating a livable environment, such as Vinhomes Run4Green – the 10,000 steps walking contest, and Vinhomes Go Green - “Exchange garbage for gifts.”

In addition, they have been contributing to building a green, clean and beautiful city every day, making many people think that the way daily home is like the roads leading to all the famous beach resorts in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang.

Vinhomes cleaning staffs contribute to the construction of green, clean and beautiful Vinhomes Ocean Park.

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Suppose you do not have enough financial ability to own an apartment in “Ocean District” but are a “devotee” of green living.

In this case, you can experience life here immediately when renting a serviced apartment of Vinhomes Serviced Residences at Vinhomes Ocean Park.

Serviced apartments are operated and managed by Vinhomes, located at S2.10, S2.17 Building. The apartment availability here is diverse, flexible in area size, and suitable for all needs of many tenants.

In addition to the benefit of residents (using the facilities of children’s playground, swimming pool, outdoor gym, BBQ garden, and sports field), tenants also enjoy additional privileges only for the serviced apartments such as private gym access, 24/7 dedicated and attentive customer service and reception, multi-layer security, cleaning and laundry services.

From now until September 30, 2022, Vinhomes Serviced Residences offers customers when renting a serviced apartment at building S2.17 the new promotion “New house moving -  Best deal hunting” with two months of rental for free.

For details and conditions of the promotion, please contact:

- Hotline: 098 500 3379      

- Website: