Da Nang launches series of incentives and new tourism products

August 30, 2022 - 16:49
Da Nang is the first choice for tourists during the National Day holiday on September 2 because of the variety of activities and the many brand-new check-in locations. The cost is also cheaper, with many great promotions.

Many discoveries

Da Nang is a city where you can't run out of experiences all week. Located right in the city, tourists can visit dozens of featured places, such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han River Swing Bridge, and Cham Museum.

My Khe Beach is among the top most beautiful beaches on the planet. Son Tra peninsula has primaeval forests and rare animals such as-shanked langurs and Burmese ferret badgers.

Along with the journey of discovering Da Nang, Sun World Ba Na Hills is indispensable with brand new experiences and check-in locations such as the impressively designed Time Gate, which looks like it came from mythology, opening a journey of discovery and a "fairy world" on the peak of Chua Mountain in the Kingdom of the Sun and the Kingdom of the Moon.

Ba Na has a fairy-tale beauty with splendid works.

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When arriving in the Kingdom of the Sun, you will see a jubilant festival area open at Beer Plaza, with music and art shows everywhere. The newest and most impressive structure in this Kingdom is the Sun God Waterfall complex, an artefact of the famous Italian sculptor Frill family, like a miniature museum recreating the "Roman treasures" right in the country.

Eclipse Square is connected to the Kingdom of the Sun and the Moon, a new construction launched in July 2022. The square's 60,000 square meter campus reminds people of Italy's Piazza Navona.

The pyramidal glass tower in the middle of the square made people think of the famous Louvre Museum in France. The interiors of the buildings in the square are entirely covered in marble, creating a medieval atmosphere.

The centre of the Moon Kingdom is the splendid Moon Castle, like something out of a fairy tale. Inside the castle, the stories of the people of this Kingdom are portrayed mysteriously and magically through impressive architectural details.

Located on the 3rd floor of Moon Castle, Airship - the Flying Eyes theatre will be a destination not to be missed for any visitor. Using augmented reality technology combined with effects of light, heat, steam, sound, and so on, the tourists will be taken on a tour of exciting lands.

The new Eclipse Square, launched in July, is not only a bridge between the Kingdom of the Moon and the Sun but also an ideal check-in location for tourists.

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Diverse entertainment experiences

Not only owning unique check-in locations, but Sun World Ba Na Hills also opens an endless world of hundreds of games at the largest indoor park in Southeast Asia, Fantasy Park, designed suitable for the whole family, including many adventure games, challenging the courage of tourists such as the 29 m high free-fall tower, high-speed alpine slide, and so on.

On this National Day, September 2, Sun World Ba Na Hills entertains tourists with the first performances in the minishow "Golden season." 

In the bustling music, passionate dances of international dancers, and space filled with vegetables, barley beer, and so on, tourists feel immersed in a seasonal festival like in distant Europe.

There will also be many lively performances at Beer Plaza, with performances of malambo drums, skating, stilts, circus, dancers, and bands.

Asia Park, located in the city's heart, is an ideal destination for groups of friends and families. The park is a complex of entertainment, night markets, and diversified cuisine, satisfying the needs of diverse age groups.

The Asia Park, located in the city centre with more than 20 games, is a suitable destination for the whole family.

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A challenging world with 20 games, many of which are thrilling games, such as the largest hanging roller coaster in Vietnam, the free-fall tower, which is one of the top two highest in Vietnam, or the Singapore Sling, which is one of the top ten thrilling games in the world.

Not only that, but tourists to Asia Park can also enjoy an attractive art space, such as the show "Dance of birds in the sky" with the performance of parrots, eagles and ostriches at 3.45pm and 5.15pm at the Marina stage; or see eye-catching performances of the Lion and Dragon Dance - Ascension Dragon from 7.30pm to 8pm on weekdays, which will be exciting experiences that are hard to refuse.

On the evening of September 2, after enjoying the night market complex in the park, be sure to visit the Sun Wheel stage square to watch an art show celebrating National Day, with a vibrant flashmob dance with red flags, yellow stars, water drum dances with violins, heroic conical hat dances, Lion and Dragon dancing and deep acoustic performances, from 6.30pm to 9.30 pm. You should go to Asia Park at 3pm, have fun until late, and try out all the diverse experiences

National Day Music Night will take place from 7pm on September 2 at Asia Park.

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Cost-saving travel

If the cost of travel is why many people consider taking a vacation on Hung Kings Commemoration Day (between April 30 and May 1), then September 2, which offers the same number of days off at a "lower" price, is an ideal time to travel.

Da Nang is one of the destinations with the most attractive airfares, with round-trip tickets from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City starting at only VND 2 million. In addition, many coastal hotels offer discounts of up to 30 per cent compared to the summer season.

On this occasion, famous amusement parks in Da Nang also introduce combos with attractive prices. Sun World Ba Na Hills is still applying cable car service and enjoying a lunch buffet with a package price of 1,090,000 VND for adults and 840,000 VND for children, helping to save more money than buying the service individually.

In addition, visitors who are passionate about the beauty of Ba Na at night have the opportunity to enjoy the Ba Na by Night combo at a discounted price during the final days of the promotion.

From now until September 4, the combo still applies at the price of 700,000 VND for adults and 520,000 VND for children, including shuttle bus service from the city centre, cable car, and dinner buffet.

This is an ideal opportunity for visitors to discover the romantic beauty of the French village in the sunset, observe the sparkling city in the night sky from above and enjoy parties with passionate flavours and vibrant art performances.

Animated performance in front of Beer Plaza.

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Asia Park is also open to the public for free and applies a combo package in the park for 200,000 VND for adults and 100,000 VND for children.

The ticket price for a one-time experience is 50,000 VND and for three-times is 100,000 VND for adults. Children buying individual tickets is 30,000 VND for a one-time experience and 60,000 VND for three-times.