Global blockchain conference in HCM City to discuss Việt Nam’s potential as emerging blockchain hub

September 13, 2022 - 08:55
BUIDL Việt Nam 2022, a conference to discuss developments in blockchain technology and Việt Nam as an emerging blockchain hub, will be held in HCM City’s Independence Palace on September 23 and 24.
BUIDL Việt Nam, a conference on blockchain technology, will be held in HCM City on September 23 and 24. – Photo courtesy of BUIDL Việt Nam 2022

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Việt Nam is considered to be one of the fastest growing blockchain markets in Asia Pacific and an attractive destination for global blockchain companies, with over 50,000 new information technology graduates every year.

It is also among the top countries in terms of programmers’ skills.

Numerous world-class blockchain projects have been set up in Việt Nam, and there is also the rising popularity of GameFi, or play-to-earn blockchain games that reward players with cryptocurrencies.

This is causing more and more people turning to blockchain technology, especially developers.

It has been identified by the Government as one of the driving forces for digital transformation and innovation, and is one of the technologies that Việt Nam should focus on developing.

At BUIDL Việt Nam 2022, speakers will discuss the blockchain industry landscape and the growth of the technology in Việt Nam, seeking to inspire and empower a new generation of blockchain founders and product developers.

It will discuss the latest developments on blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Avalanche, foster community building in the blockchain space and promote capable blockchain developers.

Other key issues to be discussed include innovation, cross-chain interoperability, composability, and improving accessibility to GameFi and Web3 (a new vision of the Internet with themes of decentralisation, blockchain technologies and token-based economies).

The conference will also have workshops with live demo to train attendees on developing products in the field of gaming, and on blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana.

Leading innovators from various blockchain ecosystems, including Kyber Network founder Lợi Lưu, Sky Mavis’s Ronin Network head Quy Bean, Coingecko co-founder TM Lee, and Solana Foundation product and tech leadership Matt Sorg, will provide industry insights.

The event is organised by KryptoSeoul, a leading community building and marketing team in Seoul, South Korea, focused on supporting global blockchain projects, and its sister brand KryptoVietnam, which is dedicated to growing the builder community in Việt Nam.

Erica Kang, CEO and founder of KryptoSeoul, said, “Following [the conference’s] success in Seoul, we are hoping for a similar outcome here in Việt Nam.

“Việt Nam is increasingly becoming a crypto hub with a growing number of GameFi companies and builders. To gather a community that is aligned is an amazing feat, and with Việt Nam leading from the front, it will be able to seek out the greatest economic opportunities.”

The two-day event aims to attract 600 attendees, and there will be over 30 speakers.

Entrance is free.

Nicole Nguyễn, co-founder of KryptoVietnam, said, “We are bringing to Việt Nam an exciting and well-curated line-up of speakers with BUIDL Việt Nam 2022, and are hoping to foster a community-driven discussion, powered by developers and key projects, to strengthen Việt Nam’s blockchain ecosystem further.”

More information including the lineup of speakers is available at