Ukrainian Food Ambassador to bring 'UNESCO Cultural Heritage' dish to Capella Hanoi

September 16, 2022 - 11:39
Famous Ukrainian chef Kovryzhenko Yurii shall present himself at Capella Hanoi Hotel from September 14-16th; it promises to bring gourmets the Ukrainian famous flavours, including borsch – the soup that has been acknowledged as ‘World Heritage’ by UNESCO recently.

Famous Ukrainian chef Kovryzhenko Yurii shall present himself at Capella Hanoi Hotel from September 14-16th; it promises to bring gourmets the Ukrainian famous flavours, including borsch – the soup that has been acknowledged as ‘World Heritage’ by UNESCO recently.

This is one of an activity within a series of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Asia events to promote national cuisine, organised by the Embassy of Ukraine in Việt Nam and the Sun Group’s Sun Hospitality Group brand name. By holding this event, once again, Sun Group continues to claim its mark in the journey of bringing the world's elite to Việt Nam.

Throughout three days of the event in Việt Nam, aside from the Gala Dinner held on the evening of September 16th, chef Yurii will also serve diners special menus for lunch, dinner on September 15th, and another lunch on the 16th at Backstage restaurant, Capella Hanoi hotel.

The Gala Dinner specially held on the evening of September 16th will wait for the participation of about 60 guests who are foreign ambassadors to Việt Nam and the ambassadors’ wives. Chef Kovryzhenko Yurii will play the "Culinary Diplomat of Ukraine" role, not only to promote the national culture in Vietnam but also to act as a bridge to many other countries around the world.

Kovryzhenko Yurii is known as one of the prominent authors of the Michelin guide. He has also won many prestigious awards, such as the Global Chef Awards 2017 and Ambassador of Taste for Global Gastronomy two years in a row.

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From the cuisine to the heart

"Loving Ukraine from the very first moment" is the message Yurii carries along in this journey as he spreads the country's culinary culture in Asia. The chef believes that traditional Ukrainian cuisine will be the shortest "path" to the hearts of the guests, then they will love, will want to visit, and learn more about Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine's culinary culture is diverse by region, but the only priority is to keep the first taste of food as much as possible. Therefore, they do not use many strong spices, usually garlic, pepper, parsley, and dill in their dishes. It is impossible to imagine Ukrainian cuisine without sour cream - the spices that we can find in most dishes, such as Borsch soup, Dumpling cake, potato cake, and Kruchenyky. 

Borsch soup is acknowledged by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage on the dining table of Backstage restaurant, Capella Hanoi.

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Attaching the name with Ukrainian cuisine, Yurii is an artist who "composes" excellent meals for the authorities; he is also the "servant" of the hearts of gourmets around the world. Yurii said, therefore, he wants to preserve the traditional features and quintessence of his national cuisine while creating works with more modern tastes and shades that are most suitable for each season and each region. To him, that is the mission of a culinary diplomat.

Arriving in Hanoi in the autumn, Yurii intentionally picks gentle and delicate flavours. The core of his menu is the dish appearing all the time on the Ukrainian table – borsch; this soup has been recently recognised as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Delicious borsch soup requires at least 15 ingredients and 24 hours to cook and ensure that all flavours blend well together. To make it suitable for Hanoi diners, on this occasion, borsch soup is not made too hearty; it tastes light thanks to all vegetable ingredients.

Yurii also delicately arranges Varenyky on the menu, which is a dumpling dish representing the diversity of Ukrainian food. Kyiv chicken is made with crispy skin, wrapped in rich butter, and served in high-class restaurants across New York, USA, and Sydney, Australia; this dish will also appear at his official reception.

Varenyky dumplings are prepared in various ways, succulent or dry, sweet or savoury, with dozens of filling ingredients, representing the culinary diversity of Ukraine.

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The mission of bringing international quintessence to Việt Nam

The "world-renowned" menu of the Ukrainians and top chef’s talent can be likened to a masterpiece of art, and this time the "stage" will be the backstage restaurant at Capella Hanoi. Located in the most luxurious "inn" inside the capital, with its imprint of the "witch" designer Bill Bensley, the restaurant makes many diners feel overwhelmed by the glamorous touch of European architecture and deposited by the features of elegance in Asian architecture.

Look inside and you can see that the restaurant is designed with an open kitchen and private dining space, where chefs like Yurii can bring such culinary performances. The most "expensive" part of his performance, he said, will be the sharp knife slices on the ingredients, and all vegetable pieces in the borsch soup are cut evenly like being spaced with a ruler, while the Kyiv chicken fillet remains with nice-looking bones.

With Yurii's skillful hands, the elaborate art installations in his dishes will be presented in turn on the banquet table, promised to lead and pamper the senses, by the seductive color of Varenyky dumplings, such delicate aroma of borsch soup, and the rich yet soft melt of fine butter inside the crispy Kyiv chicken.

From the first moment he arrived at Capella Hanoi, Yurii affirmed that this is one of the best hotels in the world that he has ever visited and worked at. He believes that the "stage" of the Backstage restaurant will help an "artist" like him achieve the most sublime moments and create such masterpieces that touch the hearts of not only Hanoi's culinary connoisseurs but also international guests coming to Vietnam.

The Backstage restaurant is like a stage for talented chefs.

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As the first luxury hotel in the capital of the Sun Hospitality Group brand, Capella always aims for the most refined in its services, especially cuisine. Most recently, Capella Hanoi collaborated with Junichi Yoshida, a famous Japanese chef who was awarded a Michelin star for Teppanyaki cuisine, to open the Koki restaurant. This restaurant has very quickly become a trendy destination for Hanoi's culinary connoisseurs.

Previously, Sun Hospitality Group also listed InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort’s La Maison 1888 restaurant on the luxury culinary map worldwide, with famous dishes made in cooperation with Michelin-starred chef Pierre - Mr. Gagnaire. At the end of April 2019, at the Pink Pearl restaurant in the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay resort, 2-Michelin-star chef - Ophélie Bares was also invited to Pearl Island to bring traditional dishes in the French high-ranking system to the culinary connoisseurs.

As revealed by the representative, Sun Hospitality Group's journey to bring the world's elite to Vietnam will continue to be written, with many more classy events.

Chef Kovryzhenko Yurii shall serve Hanoi diners in the form of Special Set, Special Promotion Menu, at Backstage restaurant, Capella Hanoi hotel during noon and evening on September 15th and noon on September 16th. Menu price starts from 1,200,000 VND/person.