Việt Nam's tourism - “like a shooting star”

September 18, 2022 - 15:00
Where used to be an "inexpensive travel paradise", Việt Nam has now risen and become a luxury destination on the international tourist map. This outstanding achievement is partly thanks to Vietnamese businesses that have been internationally honoured, such as Sun Group – Asia's leading travel group 2022.
Sun World Ba Na Hills Đà Nẵng

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Việt Nam's Tourism – A shooting star

In 2014, Elite Daily site voted Việt Nam and nine other countries as the most inexpensive destination in the world. And in 2015, Việt Nam continued being in the top destinations with the cost of approximately 10 USD a day, as voted by Gobankingrates - a famous website on personal finance and banking. Within the following years, Việt Nam entered the list of the most affordable destinations in the world.

But only five to seven years later, things have changed drastically.

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, Việt Nam was still honoured by the World Travel Awards as Asia's Leading Destination 2022 and Asia's Leading Nature Destination 2022.

At this year's awards ceremony, for the first time, a tourism enterprise of Việt Nam was honoured as Asia's leading travel group for Sun Group - the "father" of a series of large-scale tourism projects. The international community in Việt Nam has changed the outlook and position of the lands. Brands belonging to the Corporation and a series of hotel and resort projects of Sun Group were also honoured.

Sun Hospitality Group - a resort brand under Sun Group, was also awarded the "Asia's Leading Resort Development" award for the first time. Four hotels invested by Sun Group were also honoured with noble awards like: Capella Hanoi - Asia's leading luxury Boutique Hotel; New World Resort Phu Quoc - Asia's leading family-friendly beach resort; Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort - Asia's leading family resort and J.W Marriott Phu Quoc Resort - Asia's leading luxury wedding resort.

"Over the past decade, Việt Nam's tourism industry has obtained various developments compared to most regions in the world. Việt Nam is truly going from a potential country that can develop into a leading country," said Mr Graham Cooke, President of the World Travel Awards.

The companionship of businesses like Sun Group has contributed to bringing a different position to Việt Nam's tourism. Most recently, Cruise Passenger magazine has introduced Việt Nam as one of the world's leading luxury destinations in Asia. And over the past few years, Việt Nam has become a popular destination for the world's super-rich.

Phú Quốc Kiss Bridge

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Lands are more beautiful thanks to travel

In 2021, the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area affirmed the role of this tourist resort and Sun Group in Lao Cai tourism. Mr Trinh Xuan Truong - Chairman of the People's Committee of Lao Cai, said: "The presence of Sun World Fansipan Legend Tourist Area and Sun Group not only contributes to a spectacular breakthrough growth for the local tourism industry but also becomes a premise for the transformation of Sapa tourism. Where things get difficult, there is Sun Group. Wherever there is Sun Group, there will be a success."

There is no exaggeration in Mr Truong's words. Any land bearing the Sun Group's imprint, that place shall record the "take-off" of tourism.

From an abandoned resort on top of the attractive Chua Mountain of Da Nang city, which once discouraged many businesses intending to invest as the roads there are too devious and dangerous, Ba Na has become a tourist area. Sun World Ba Na Hills is as beautiful as a fairy tale, attracting millions of visitors every year, even bringing the name of Da Nang beyond the continent, especially when they launched the Golden Bridge.

Following Ba Na Hills, Sun Group continues bringing Da Nang a series of other class resorts, hotels, and parks, constantly making Da Nang more attractive as time goes by. This group also contributes significantly to helping Da Nang maintain its position as 'Asia's leading festival and event city' with jubilant festivals held throughout many months. We can think of the DIFF International Fireworks Festival and the Festival of Enjoying Da Nang Summer, with a series of epic 'Take me to the Sun' events and various large and small art events and activities year by year.

The version of Sapa more than ten years ago, despite wild natural scenery, processed not much to attract tourists to stay for a long time. This town only received a few hundred thousand visitors per year. The entry of Sun Group 6 years ago made this land "blooms", reaping so many "sweet fruits". From 2016 - 2019, the number of visitors to Lao Cai increased by 144%. At the end of 2019, the province's tourism revenue was VND 19,200 billion, four times higher than in 2016.

Following Da Nang, Sa Pa (Lao Cai), many new lands such as Quang Ninh, Phu Quoc, Nui Ba Den (Tay Ninh) and Thanh Hoa, most recently, were opened and sublimated with more and more imprints of unprecedented growth in visitor numbers and tourism revenue. Over the first six months of 2022, Sam Son (Thanh Hoa) held major festival events lasting nearly four summer months. These events are sponsored and organized by Sun Group. They helped the city welcome the most tourists nationwide (4.1 million visitors), surpassing Ha Long, Nha Trang, and Vung Tau.

"It can be said that Sun Group truly shapes the level of tourism and service development for the places where this group invests. Da Nang is a prime example, followed by Phu Quoc, Ha Long, and Van Don. Perhaps there will be more coordinates here, such as Sam Son and Thanh Hoa. Those pillars make tourism a true spearhead of the Vietnamese economy" - Assoc. Dr Tran Dinh Thien - Former Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics, expressed.

Mr Graham Cooke commented on Asia's leading travel group: "Corporations like Sun Group have been at the forefront of pioneering the way to comprehensive tourism development not only in Việt Nam but also throughout the world. Self-development of airports, private ports, 5-star hotel chains, luxury resorts, health care tourism destinations, and amusement parks are remarkable achievements. They also attach great importance to global integration when they have just launched their airline. This is the reason why Sun Group has conquered world tourism".

Capella Ha Nội

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